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0823, 10 Jul 18

Trump Nominates Brett Kavanaugh for SCOTUS

By all reports, Judge Kavanaugh is a solid, traditional, judicial conservative. In another era, he would not be controversial at all. Trump is delivering on his promise of nominating great judges.

Mr Kavanaugh has served since 2006 on the influential US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit and was formerly a White House aide under George W Bush.

He previously worked for Kenneth Starr, the independent counsel who investigated Democratic former president Bill Clinton in the 1990s.


He is the kind of judge a President Jeb Bush or Mitt Romney would have picked – a man with an established legal pedigree and a reputation as a reliably conservative jurist.

If the party sticks together, the president’s choice will be sitting on the Supreme Court when its new term starts in October.

President Trump campaigned with a promise to conservatives that he would fill the federal courts, from the top on down, with judges to their liking.

It’s a promise that has helped cement near-record levels of support for his presidency from Republican voters – and for good reason.

Mr Trump is securing a conservative judiciary for a generation.


0823, 10 July 2018


  1. Merlin

    The Left’s only real concern here will be preserving the prime directive they euphemistically refer to as “women’s health”. If Kavanaugh promises not to alter the “settled law” giving Americans the right to fornicate without consequences by terminating life they find inconvenient… he should be golden for the Democrats, too.

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    Not my most favorite pick, but he will do.

  3. jonnyv

    On top of his probably abortion stance, I don’t like his history of saying that ISPs can block sites under the First Amendment right. And while I don’t think it will be something that the Supreme courthears, it scares me to think that someone can have this view point. ISPs should be treated as common carrier… just like telephone. Your telephone provider does not have the right to restrict who you can connect calls to. Old people, jees.

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