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2149, 01 Jul 18

Unions Recruit

Hysterical much?

Gunshots ring out from the nearby hunting range across the railroad tracks in Westmoreland City, Pennsylvania, but Jason Davis is not easily deterred.

“You never know what’s going happen when you knock on someone’s door,” says Davis as we get out of his car to start walking the hills of this blue-collar, Trump-supporting community in the foothills of the mountains of south-western Pennsylvania.

Davis is going door-to-door to rally support for a teacher’s union after a historic supreme court decision – Janus vs AFSCME – that threatens its funding and that of all other US public sector unions.

“Gunshots ring out…” Geez, what is he expecting? There’s nothing wrong with Mr. Davis trying to rally support for his union. Now that people aren’t forced to be in a union they don’t want to be in, I suspect that the passions around them will diminish with time.


2149, 01 July 2018


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