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2114, 29 Jun 18

Trump to Nominate SCOTUS Pick on July 9th

Push forward!

President Donald Trump told reporters on Friday that he would announce his choice to replace retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy on July 9 – a choice that he will likely make from a previously released list of 25 potential nominees.

Trump made the comments aboard Air Force One and added that may meet with two contenders in Bedminster, New Jersey this weekend. He said he will meet with six or seven candidates but has narrowed his list down to five people, including two women, before announcing his nominee. He said it was a group of “highly talented, very brilliant, mostly conservative judges.”

“Well we have great people, you know, we have 25 pretty outstanding people. I like them all but I’ve got it down to about five,” Trump told reporters on Friday.

When asked if he was looking for someone who would overturn Roe v. Wade, Trump said he wouldn’t be asking the candidates about the landmark abortion case.

The reporters are going to have a one track mind about Roe, aren’t they? Did they forget that Trump is pro abortion?


2114, 29 June 2018


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Ben Shapiro would be an awesome pick, even though it would be a wild card out side the norm.

  2. dad29

    1)  Trump sends mixed signals on abortion so…..???

    2)  As to the unified noisemaking about baby-killing, you can bet that Planned Murder emailed everyone on the matter.  Apparently they think they can defeat a nominee on the “abortion” issue–which is really all they have.  Abstruse yappings about Corporate Donations to Politicians don’t sell, border-and-immigration/terrorism softy-stuff doesn’t sell AT ALL, and there will be no reverse of Queer “Marriage”, at least in the near future.



  3. dad29

    EDIT/ADD:  Everyone, Left or Right, knows that Roe is just horrible jurisprudence, so it’s an easy target.

    K, Ben Shapiro, the fast-talking yarmulke?  Nope.

  4. Kevin Scheunemann

    He is articulate and very smart. He can destroy any liberal on any issue, especially abortion!

  5. Major Booris

    Two sorta-decent arguments for Shapiro from Trump’s perspective:

    1. Outsider pick, lots of ‘drain the swamp’ cred.

    2. Huge middle finger to the left, as Shapiro currently makes a living vilifying them and, since he’s just 34, could conceivably serve for 40-50 years.


    And one gigantic, deal-breaking argument against:

    He was one of the most prominent and outspoken ‘Never Trump’ voices on the right, right up until the end. Given the stock the president places on personal loyalty, this is unforgivable.

  6. Kevin Scheunemann


    C’mon now, you don’t have to like the president to be nominated by him.   The left might like his criticism of Trump at the hearings.

    You are probably right that Trump would not like that.

    It’s a shame, Shapiro on the court might be the intellectual conservative replacement of Scalia.

  7. dad29

    Here’s your nominee, Kevin:

    Ben Shapiro, appeared on HBO’s “Real Time With Bill Maher” Friday evening and said Trump is too stupid to have colluded with Russia but if he did collude, he’s happy to see the Mueller indictments and ultimately happy to see Trump impeached.

    Gotta love that “Trump=Stupid” creed of the NeverTrump losers.

  8. Kevin Scheunemann

    I would be fine with Ben’s position if it meant an eventual President Pence!

    Liberals will never stop with Trump. That is where I think Ben is optimistic, that liberal hate stops with Trump.

    We can alway hope liberal hate is limited, can’t we?

  9. dad29

    First off, Little Ben’s assertion of Trump’s ‘stupidity’ is wholly unsupported by the evidence.  That sorta raises the question of whether Little Ben has good judgment–something you need to be a judge, no?

    Hope springs eternal.  But a good stock of ammo is better than hope.

    As to Pence:  I agree with you that he is a good guy.  Too bad he didn’t have the courage to retain Indiana’s bathroom law, eh?  Couldn’t stand up to the CEO of Angie’s List…..  Really??

    Trump would have told her to move the hell out of Indy.

    I started as a Cruz guy, Kevin, and I keep looking for a really good set of reasons to dump Trump.  They haven’t materialized.

  10. Kevin Scheunemann

    Trump has his moments where he does way better than the godly in standing up to the ungodly perversion of our society.

    I will definitely agree with you there.

    Trump has been impressive in action. I support him when he does right. I criticize him when he does wrong.

    I do like to indulge the Trump critics with their fantasies about getting rid of Trump by force….by indicating I fully welcome a President Pence.

    Will President Pence be as effective against the ungodly left as Trump? That can be very debatable because Pence is such a great guy. That’s why I am torn about it.

    Trump is a piercing warrior against the evil of the left. Although very imperfect, I do like the blows he strikes at the very heart of evil liberalism.

    Fortunately, I do not require my President to be a priest, I only require him to be a political leader in the immoral cesspool of politics. In that capacity, Trump is good enough for me. However, Shapiro is correct, that, sometimes Trump does act stupidly. There is Good Trump and bad Trump. We need to continually encourage the Good Trump against the filthy cesspool of the liberal lexicon.

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