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0643, 15 Jun 18

Babby Daddy Card Pulled

This is the culture we live in.

American Greetings is apologizing for a Father’s Day card that depicts a black couple overlaid with the phrase “Baby Daddy.”

Customers took to social media to complain about the card, terming it racially insensitive.


The greeting card company said it would stop selling the card at all retailers. Target, the giant discount-store chain, proactively pulled the card from its shelves.

The card showed the couple overlaid and the words “Baby Daddy” on the cover, and  “You’re a wonderful husband and father — and I’m so grateful to have you as my partner, my friend, and my baby daddy! Happy Father’s Day” on the inside.

“This particular card was created for, and addressed to, a loving husband — which the inside copy makes clear,” American Greetings said in a statement. “However, we now see that the front page, taken out of context, can communicate an unintentional meaning that we are strongly against perpetuating and is not consistent with our company purpose and values.”

It went on to say it will do “better in the future,” that it has pulled the card and that it want s to “apologize for any offense we’ve caused.”

I don’t think that the term “baby daddy” has an particular racial overtones. I hear that term a lot to generically describe a father who is not, nor has ever been, in a long-term relationship of any form with the mother.


0643, 15 June 2018


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    I bet the PC crowd was more offended with term “husband”.

    In liberal lexicon it’s a good thing to mess around outside of marriage despite the consequences. Also, liberal lexicon demands baby killing before baby can arrive anyway, good “husbands” are against that.

  2. Jason

    Oh shit, that Nutjob NHollandaise is going to go off on this.  He and his black friend that proves he’s not racist are going to prove that we’re all racist unless we give our checkbooks to some parade.

    Hey Nutjob, I’m not racist, I’ve Facebook “Liked” the local NAACP chapter in the past. I also don’t cross the street if I see a non-Caucasian walking towards me.

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