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1348, 13 Jun 18

Progress with North Korea

Trust, but verify

The US hopes to see “major disarmament” by North Korea by the end of 2020, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says.

His comments come a day after an unprecedented meeting between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in Singapore.

In a statement North Korea agreed to work towards “complete denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula”.

But the document has been criticised for lacking details on when or how Pyongyang would give up its weapons.

Speaking in South Korea, where he discussed the outcome of the summit, Secretary Pompeo said there was still “a great deal of work to do” with North Korea.

But he added: “Major disarmament… We’re hopeful that we can achieve that in the two and half years.”

As I’ve continued to say, I have much hope, but low expectations. We’ve never made it this far down the aisle before, but that doesn’t mean we’re married yet.


1348, 13 June 2018


  1. MHMaley

    The things Trump said about Kim are nauseating .
    “He loves his people . He’s smart because he took over his country at a young age and ran it “tough” .

    Tough doesn’t even begin to describe the evil incarnate Kim is .
    These strongmen have Trump figured out .
    He admires them in a way he despises our actual allies . He doesn’t get the credit for anything that happened before him so he burns those relationships but they kiss the ring .

    Thanks to Trudeau for sticking it right back in Trumps ear .

    This will end badly but Trump already said that
    If it doesn’t work , he’ll make sure he blames someone else .

    That may the first factual thing he’s said since he became President .

  2. dad29

    Trump is spraying a lot of foo-foo dust and everybody except MH can figure that out.  We all know that there’s a LOT more which must happen here, but in reality, Kim is merely a pawn in Communist China’s hand.

    The REAL action will be between Trump and China.  Only the naive or (D) stooges think otherwise.

  3. NHolland

    Trump salutes a North Korean general… What a dope!

  4. Merlin

    Actually, Trump returned the General’s salute. Trump first offered his hand while the General first offered a salute, but they eventually managed to accomplish both. Awkward certainly, but diplomacy is best practiced without fixed bayonets.

  5. MHMaley

    Pompeo is the key player here , not Trump .

    We’ll see if he deserves the Nobel Proze or if he’s just another politician snookered by the North Koreans .

    Pompeo strikes me as a quick study and fact based . The President doesn’t read and is a serial liar .

    so let’s hope for the best for Pompeo and that Trump doesn’t ruin it all with a tweet from something he saw from his primary policy advisor’s – Fox and Friends .

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