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1703, 27 May 18

Survey Finds Racial Disparities in View of Police

That makes sense.

Whites are more likely than people of color to believe most police shootings are justified and that the people police shoot are armed, according to a poll released last week by the state’s police union. But majorities of both groups also believe — incorrectly — that most police shooting victims in Wisconsin are minorities.

The poll of 400 people conducted earlier this year by the St. Norbert College Strategic Research Institute includes questions aimed at probing perceptions about police shootings, whether officers spend enough time patrolling, and respect for law enforcement. It was commissioned by the Wisconsin Professional Police Association.

“In general, the results look like (what) I would have expected from the general literature on perceptions of police,” said Pam Oliver, a UW-Madison sociology professor who’s studied racial disparities in criminal justice in Wisconsin. “There is a substantial literature that says the police and policing are actually different in different kinds of places or for different kinds of people, so that experiences with police differ.”


1703, 27 May 2018


  1. dad29

    Healthy skepticism is the best attitude toward ANY police-involved shooting.  Maybe it was “good,” maybe not.

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    Intersectional identity politics, makes me vomit.

  3. MjM

    The Reason?   The BS Media.   (Hands up! Don’t Shoot!)

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