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0806, 16 May 18

North Korea Rattles Saber

This looks like Kim rattling his saber to enhance his perceived bargaining position before the summit. But it could also be the whole thing falling apart.

North Korea has said it may pull out of a summit with US President Donald Trump if the US insists it gives up its nuclear weapons.

The highly anticipated meeting between Mr Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong-un is due to take place on 12 June.

But in an angry statement, North Korea’s vice-foreign minister accused the US of making reckless statements and of harbouring sinister intentions.


0806, 16 May 2018


  1. steveegg

    I’ll go with “the whole thing falling apart”.

  2. Mark Hoefert

    I’ll go with what we are seeing is a classic “walk away” from the bargaining table.   Scott Adams had predicted that there could be several “walk aways” by both sides before this deal is done.   And he has been spot on right all along – when people were losing their s–t over Trump and Kim Jong-in doing the dueling tweets, he saw it as the opening round in negotiations between the US and North Korea.

  3. MHMaley

    i’ll go with whatever China wants to happen . They are the chess masters , not Trump or Kim .

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