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2331, 03 May 18

Mystery Pooper Caught

You can’t make this stuff up.

The case of the mystery pooper has been solved after New Jersey police arrested a school district’s superintendent.

Thomas Tramaglini, 42, the Kenilworth school superintendent, was charged on Monday with defecating in public.

He was allegedly caught taking an early morning poop at the Holmdel High School football field by surveillance cameras.

Tramaglini, who lives about three miles from the high school, was arrested Monday morning at 5.50am when he was found at the school’s athletic fields.

Police said the school decided to set up the cameras after employees reported finding human feces ‘on a daily basis’.

The Holmdel School Resource Officer was alerted by the coaches and staff who were finding human feces, on or near the area of the high school’s track and football field every day,¬†Holmdel police said in a statement Thursday.


2331, 03 May 2018

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  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Why do all the weirdos end up in jobs directing schools?

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