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2209, 24 Apr 18

West Bend School Board Ousts President

You don’t see this very often. After only a year as president, Tiffany Larson was cast completely out of the leadership. Is this a tacit admission of the exceedingly poor management from the board in the past year?

The West Bend School District Board of Education restructured Monday after Kurt Rebholz and Christopher Zwygart took their oaths of office.

Joel Ongert was elected as the new president of the board with Nancy Justman as vice president. Tonnie Schmidt held her position as board clerk and Zwygart was named the board treasurer.


2209, 24 April 2018


  1. MHMaley

    Ms Larson got the job by default . The 3 new members couldn’t really take the job with no school board experience . The majority of 4 weren’t going to give it to Monte so one year of experience trumped none at the time .

    Since the votes were unanimous , the charitable way to look at it was that she didn’t want the job again . I’ll choose that one .

    Having Zwygart as Treasuser is a belt and suspenders move that the money will be spent and accounted for wisely along with having a lawyer reviewing board actions so the board can’t potentially slide off the rails legally the way they handled the hiring of the West principal .

  2. Mark Hoefert

    I would agree with MHMaley’s charitable choice – I suspect it was her choice. Watching the video of the meeting, it looked like the slate of officers was agreed upon ahead of time.  They kind of “lost their beat” when Ken Schmidt nominated Chris Zwygart for President – that appeared to be a surprise move – needed an “aside” from the acting Superintendent on correct parliamentary procedure to complete the vote.  Also, the absent Board member (Tonnie Schmidt) had submitted an email indicating what two positions she would accept the nomination for, but that could be routine in that situation.  Another way to look at it is that one year of experience trumped two years of experience (Ken Schmidt).

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