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2326, 03 Apr 18

Liberal Sweep

Well, it looks like the Blue Wave is real. It looks like the liberals won just about every contested race on the ballot.

The Spring election is always difficult to extrapolate trends from because so many of the races are very local. A lot of the issues at play aren’t relevant in a broader scale. But I think it is clear that the Left is exceedingly motivated right now and much of that is being driven by anti-Trump hatred. At the same time, a good chunk of the traditional Right is unmotivated after the election of Trump. And in Wisconsin, we add to that a general complacency among Conservatives that is pervasive.

It’s a good year to be a liberal running for office.


2326, 03 April 2018


  1. Letsgetreal



  2. Letsgetreal

    that 1-6 is in regards to Owen’s record in recent school board elections.  The 6 are all conservative…..just not conservative enough for Owen.  There is your answer.


  3. Paul

    Eso si que es!

  4. billphoto

    Instead of a blue wave, this could be the revenge of the uninformed and/or disappointed voter. Observe that when folks were told that ‘we’ were paying for public employees cadillac healthcare and retirement pension, the response was “that’s not fair to me struggling to pay my own bills.”  The result was support for those candidates and/or elected officials working to our benefit.

    Today, folks hear ‘ look at what a good job we’re doing‘ but still see things like  the minimum markup law in effect.  Yesterday’s heroes ain’t cutting it.  Combine that with the election year shifts – ex. Sen Baldwin’s ad touting her Buy American policy – and it should come as no surprise that uninformed and/or disappointed voter are acting their ballots for candidates with the message they want to hear.

  5. dad29

    Sen Baldwin’s ad touting her Buy American policy

    Yes!!  And not a coincidence that her ad ran within 5-10 days of Trump’s first announcement of tariffs on Red China (even though the stuff was ‘fenced’ in here through Canada.)

    Trump obtained a LOT of Reagan Democrat votes, but the Pubbie Party just can’t (or won’t) get separation from the Chamber of Commerce Country Club/Ruling Class.  (By the way, that was a factor in that NW Wisconsin Senate race which went to the (D) woman.)

    So they’ll continue to lose.

  6. billphoto

    notice ryan has not said anything about his (chamber of commerce) open borders stance but some of us are listening.

  7. Kevin Scheunemann

    There is no excuse for complacency among conservatives.

    We have an alarming segment of the population voting for crazy, like Dallet, who openly embraces socially corrupting San Francisco values, and just the completely uneducated voting to keep wasting money on an office of State Treasurer that literally has no responsibiliites left.   Those were thr most disappointing results of the night.

  8. jjf

    Completely uneducated? I’d say the average person is naturally reticent about removing constitutional offices.

    Saying “Wisconsin doesn’t need a treasurer, we should just hand it all to the Governor” may not make much sense to someone who passed sixth-grade civics.

  9. Kevin Scheunemann

    I’ll bite.   Let’s test your civics education.  What CURRENT duty of the Treasurer would be a problem if we got rid of the office?

  10. jjf

    Quote from a recent news story: “Over the last decade, the office has been stripped of most of its duties and now the treasurer’s only duty is to be a member of the Wisconsin Board of Commissioners of Public Lands.”

    You don’t think the WisGOP has purposefully removed duties from this office to consolidate power in the Governor’s office?

  11. billphoto

    IF my main source of information was the incessant television ads, I would vote for Tammy Baldwin.  Her embrace of President Trump’s ‘buy American’ credo would get my vote because I like the idea.  Party affiliation is of little interest if the candidate is working for my interests.

    Another: I do not remember a television ad for Dallet touting her personal interpretations of what she thinks the law should be or any ads for Schoneck touting his ideal that judges should follow the law as written not as desired.

    Anyone can lament the poor campaign of Schoneck but the fact is Dallet, like Baldwin is feeding people what they want to hear and getting their vote.

  12. Le Roi du Nord

    “completely uneducated”   So you feel that the majority of the voters last night are completely uneducated ??  This is coming from a guy that believes that the earth is only 6000 years old.  Wow, just wow.  Keep insulting those “completely uneducated” folks and conservatives may lose every seat they have.

    FYI:  Tammy was for Buy America long before trump.  There was a Buy America requirement in public works projects as part of the Obama stimulus program.

  13. Pat

    ‘Completely uneducated’

    Is that the same thing as ‘deplorable’?

  14. Le Roi du Nord


    We should let kevin make that call, as he has his own set personal definitions.

  15. Charlie Hillman

    If, in a School Board election, one considers as liberal a candidate that does not think creationism should be taught in science class, it makes the tent pretty small. Tiny tents lose elections.

  16. Kevin Scheunemann


    I asked CURRENT duties.   You cannot even name one!   After that pointy lecture, that is hilarious!    You personify the education problem in this country.

    So your position is: You want to keep the obsolete position in hopes we actually grant some duties back to the position?

    Your statement was that current duties would be handed over to Walker.   Did you misspeak?   There are no literal duties left to hand over.

    That is the frustrating ignorance I constantly encounter on this topic.

  17. jjf

    Maybe you didn’t read what I wrote, or didn’t believe what I quoted. You think the Treasurer is not on the Board?

    So I’ll let you explain. Tell me the current duties.

    While you’re at it, tell me all the duties that have been stripped from the position in the past two decades, and let’s speculate why they were stripped.


  18. Charlie Hillman

    Kevin, you are the kind of guy that Bannon and Goebbels just love, willing to believe anything as long as they pander to your vilest prejudices.

    This reminds me of the guy who kills his parents and then throws himself on the mercy of the court as an orphan.

    Walker gutted the constitutional position to consolidate power. Such a move reflects the arrogance of a party that somehow thinks it will always be in power. As Owen has repeatedly pointed out, the pendulum is likely to swing and now you’ve given that same power to your political rivals.

    The citizens wisely decided to protect the State constitution. Perhaps eliminating the position is the right move but I’d need to hear some actual arguments beyond the orphan gambit.


  19. Kevin Scheunemann

    I’ll bite.

    Where did I “pander” to prejudices on my Treasurer discussion?

  20. MHMaley

    Scientific “theories” use evidence and are changed / questioned when new evidence is presented.
    Creationism produces a book written thousands of years ago by folks unaware of many of the proven facts about the universe and says that this “theory “ should be taught as the same as science absent any evidence other than folktales

    In a parochial school , that’s fine .
    In a publc school , that would lead to alchemy being taught right next to chemistry .

    2 “theories “ , one with evidence , one without .

  21. jjf

    Kevin, Charlie was saying that people like Goebbels and Bannon like appealing to your vilest prejudices. He wasn’t saying that you were pandering.

  22. Paul

    An anti-Semite, a drunk and a sockpuppet. It’s like the douchebag trifecta this afternoon.

  23. Pat

    Now Dad, Kevin, and Bill are going to be offended by you calling them that Paul.

  24. Paul

    At least you didn’t call me the k-word this time.

  25. Le Roi du Nord

    Wow, look at the snowflake, worried about someone calling him a name.

  26. Pat

    Poor Paulette. Whaaaaaaaa. Grow a pair you lying baby!

  27. Paul

    Nice grammar, anti-Semite.

  28. Paul

    A racial slur isn’t name calling, you Nazi troll.

  29. Letsgetreal

    Hey Paul….You and Owen are about 1-19 in recent elections.   I think David Duke had a better record.



  30. Letsgetreal

    and Paul…how can you refer to somebody as a troll when you use a fake name?  If anybody ever figures out who you are you will lose your job.


  31. Le Roi du Nord

    Assuming he/she has a job………

  32. Paul

    Mmm. I fire myself then?

    Bundle of sticks…

  33. Paul

    Nice job fucking up the logins, Le Roi du Sockpuppet. Owen needs to ban you for that….

  34. Letsgetreal

    yeah…keep your job as dipshit….I am sure that pays quite a bit.  If Owen doesn’t ban you it seems unlikely anybody would get banned.


    p.s. how did the recent elections go?



  35. Paul

    If that’s all you have to crow about…

    Act 10 – still in place
    SCOWI – GOP majority
    RTW – still in place
    Walker – 3 for 3

  36. Letsgetreal

    Little Pauly… haven’t won an election in a long time.  The local conservatives (who are the real conservatives) are kicking the crap out of your “alt right conservatives.”  True conservatives and moderate dems are in control.  Neither extreme stands a chance as you should clearly see.  In Washington County the extreme left never had a chance, but the extreme right doesn’t either.  They had their moment in the sun and they sucked.  For those of you who latched on to Trump you sold your soul to the devil.  Yes, he is better than Hillary, but he is not what we want as a leader.  You and your clan said “NEVER TRUMP” and now you want to name your next child after him.


  37. Paul

    Nice illiterate rant, troll. Try using commas once in a while.

    Four words for you: Associate Justice Neil Gorsuch.

    You lost and you’re too stupid to realize it.

  38. billphoto

    It is ironic when someone else unknowingly confirms my point.  Washington County is a prime example of the left pretending to be ‘real’ conservatives.

    Every election cycle, every candidate becomes a ‘conservative.’  Ignored is the multimillion dollar giveaway called County Fair Park , the Historical Society, Golf Course and my favorite, employee pay parity without consideration for pension or lavish healthcare.  All paid for by the ‘temporary’ sales tax and the highest property tax among neighbors.  These are the local ‘real’ conservatives.

    While somebody is nit picking that statement, check out the rezoning.  In my old Village, I was told the cost is $5,000.  $2,000 for the attorney and $1,000 each for 3 Board members.

    While someone is working to parse those words, explain how the ‘conservative’ Republican party picked Tommy Thompson over Eric Hovde and gave the Senate seat away to Baldwin or how they attempted to gerrymander Don Pridemore out of office.

    For those from Barton, point is the people getting elected will say whatever is necessary to get elected and the puppet masters are no more ‘conservative’ then Michael Moore.  Sadly, many see these leftists as ‘real’ conservatives.  That’s how liberals have taken over our government.

  39. dad29

    that would lead to alchemy being taught right next to chemistry .

    Oh?  Is that because Lutherans and Catholics believe in alchemy?

    Or because the Catholics made alchemy into doctrine or dogma?

    Your bumper sticker fails the truth-test, as most of them do.  Go soak your head in actual history, not made-up Darwin bullcrap.

  40. jjf

    If science class isn’t about science, what should the criteria be?  If biology class can’t teach Darwin, which alternative explanations for life should be taught? How are you going to decide, and who is the gatekeeper – and why might not they admit alchemy to chemistry class?

  41. Kevin Scheunemann

    You guys drone on about science in relation to evolution/Big Bang…just answer me one question….

    Where did the material leading up to the “Big Bang” come from?

    The answers I get, never, ever, have anything to do with science, but a lot of faith and guessing.    At least with the bible, we can verify the events and places.   Science cannot get close to doing it with its faith about universal origin.

    Don’t pretend the orgin of the universe being thought in the godless public school ISN’T a faith based religion.   Dishonesty is never a good position.

  42. Pat

    Should schools be mandated to teach every theory of origin, or selectively choose?

  43. jjf

    Kevin, what’s wrong with the answer “We do not yet know”?

    But even your very question holds assumptions. We are talking about a moment when every bit of matter and space came into being.

    For that matter, you can ask them same question of yourself… where did God get all that material?

    I’m not sure how you can claim you can verify the events and places in the Bible, especially when it comes to the creation stories (and there are at least two of them there, right, and do even they agree with each other?)

    Who would you trust, and what evidence would you consider valid, when it comes to verifying the events and places in the Bible?


  44. billphoto

    Apparently, many are afraid to address the topic.

  45. Kevin Scheunemann


    “Mandate” is a little harsh…looking more for “tolerance” of diverse subject matter.   We do not have anywhere near tolerance on faith based speech (except the favored liberal evolution/Big Bang faith) from fascist left today.


    I “do not know”….That does not sound like science, but faith.   You can have  your faith, just be honest about what it is and be tolerant of other faith in the curriculum.

    You are saying your godless faith is superior.

    As an aside, we all have the same paradox.   Wehere did the matter come from to form the universe.    Christians wrestle with that paradox in terms of God having no beginning.    We have faith that we are not meant to understand that paradox in our fallen, corrupt, human condition.    You merely have faith that the human condition can prove that question through “science.

    It’s all faith, some of us are more humble, and less arogant about our faith.   We do not move to censor others from the curriculum.

  46. Pat

    Ok, should schools teach every origin theory, in a tolerant manner?

  47. Kevin Scheunemann


    I prefer abolishing the public school monopoly and voucher all kids up, then all the issues related will sort out by parental choice.

  48. Pat

    But if tax payer money is going to private schools, shouldn’t the private schools be accountable to the tax payers?

  49. Kevin Scheunemann


    Since when did “accountable” include hatred of diverse opinions and faiths about the orgin of the universe?

  50. Pat

    Kevin, that has nothing to do with what I asked. I’m asking about those who receive tax payer money being accountable to the tax payers.

  51. Kevin Scheunemann


    The problem is: you say “accountability” and really mean “censorship”.

    If I have to pay taxes to Planned Parenthood to brief women to kill their babies, you certainly can tolerate a little Christian speech in school curriculum.

    The left does declare the tax funding of the PP thing as a divine right that should be unquestioned in funding.   Why can’t Christian viewpoint be treated just like the leftist, baby killing, religious viewpoint on PP?

    Why do Christians, and their viewpoints, have to take a backseat to leftists, when leftists literally use tax money to kill babies?

    Let’s keep your censorship in perpsective.

  52. Pat

    I’ve never said anything about censorship. You made that up.

  53. Kevin Scheunemann


    You want tax money to only teach the godless orgin of the universe.

    You don’t want tx money to teach any other point of view.


    Either fund all viewpoints, none of them, or support vouchers to let the parents choose.

    Is that so hard?

  54. Pat


    Again, I never said that. It’s another thing you’re making up. Please don’t resort to lies.

  55. Pat

    There are voucher programs in Wisconsin. Kettle Moraine Lutheran is a participant in the Private School Choice Program. You can apply for vouchers there as well as at other private schools. So there is school choice in Wisconsin where parents can send their children and have them educated the way they want.

  56. Kevin Scheunemann


    1.) The godless are hostile to vouchers every step of the way. There still are ridiculous limits on program.

    2.) what’s wrong with having some diversity in public school beyond liberal godless faith? Why the hostility and censorship?

  57. Pat


    I’m all for the discussion of every theory of the creation of the universe and the relevance of each of them in every single school, be it public or private. I don’t think I can say it any more clearly then that.

  58. Kevin Scheunemann


    The liberal establishment does NOT have that viewpoint. Liberals are at war with Christianity on every level.

  59. Pat

    Does the school you send your children teach all theories of the creation of the universe including Darwinism?

  60. Kevin Scheunemann


    Yes, they address Darwinism.

    (And properly point out all the horrendous flaws in it.)

  61. Pat

    How about the flaws in other theories, such as creationism?

  62. MHMaley


    Darwinism- fact checked for errors with evidence
    The Bible – can’t be fact checked because it’s belief based without evidence
    It’s has some wonderful prose and is a great book
    But the last time it won the “as equal to science” argument was with a Stacked jury in Tennessee with Williams Jennings Bryant ( a Democrat by the way ) .
    If librarian had to choose fiction or non fiction in Terms if where to place it by literary standards , which one would she chose ?

    And to the one who once again proudly uses a 2 bit ex con In real life as his picture .
    A) were any first class gangsters pictures available – Al Capone or John Gotti ?

    B) And yes I am a recovering “drunk” for 37 years, and I wear the term “recovering alcoholic” with pride
    So if you think that bothers me in the slightest , you are sadly mistaken .

  63. Kevin Scheunemann


    Flaws?  Can you name something that your totally corrupt, hostile to God, human nature could possible articulate to challenge the perfection of God’s design?

  64. Kevin Scheunemann


    Darwinism has been fact checked with evidence?

    Darwin himself devoted an entire chapter (#8, just in case you have not even read Origin) on how the Cambrian layer life explosion disproves his gradual evolution theory.   All the Cambrian and Pre-Cambrian layer excavations around the world in last 150 years continue to provide evidence of the life explosion problem the evolution religion faces.   Darwin had the courage to address the huge problem in his book.   Darwin disciples tend to ignore it….why is that?   Is it because the zealotry of the Darwin religion has taken over?

    Read this book.   You will find out your Darwin religion has been soundly blown apart and grinded into little pieces.   In fact, the Cambrian life explosion “problem” actually supports sudden creation.

  65. jjf

    Kevin, your comparison between voucher schools and PP is an interesting one. It’s not a complete parallel situation, but the issues are interesting to discuss.
    For PP, they’re paid by governments for providing some non-abortion health services for the indigent. PP has to provide proof of what was done for reimbursement. Yes, some PP facilities offer abortions, but none of the above funds were used for that, right?  You’d prefer that they, as health providers in variations including people walking in and paying full price, and some subsidized, shouldn’t be able to mention a presently legal procedure?
    For a religious school accepting vouchers, the kids are supposed to have the option to not participate in the religious component. But we the public have no method of verifying that. Some of the religious mentions are certainly inseparable from the daily educational activities. We also can’t peer into the church/school’s operation to see how the money is spent, because that would be government interference in religion. Clever trick.
    As for funding all viewpoints, or none, or supporting vouchers…  that’s a false spectrum of choices. From a practical standpoint of the number of hours in a school day, we can’t teach all viewpoints, can we?  How many issues and how many viewpoints do you think that will be, among all the issues of controversy in today’s world?  How do you square your seemingly ecumenical “teach ‘em all” with “but you have to teach what I think are the flaws in Darwinism.”  If you’re teaching all viewpoints, whose positions and criticisms do you teach?
    As for funding none, well, you’re back to needing to change the state Constitution.  I think eliminating public education would be a hard sell.  Funding none would seem to be at great odds with the idea that pooled state tax dollars should be used for vouchers.  Is this the horseshoe theory of politics?  At one end, you take the hard libertarian “no public schools”, at the other, you think everyone should get money to pay for any number of kids they have.

  66. Pat

    So, if Big Bang, and Creative Design we’re both discussed in a public school, would it be ok to discuss the potential flaws in each theory?

  67. Pat

    I would explain that there are multiple theories. The origins of each theory and scientific facts of each.

  68. jjf

    Public schools can already teach about creation stories.

    The problem for some seems to present-day scientific views and present them as truth.

  69. jjf

    Public schools can already teach about creation stories.
    The problem for some seems to be when they teach present-day scientific views and present them as truth.

  70. MHMaley

    Im open to any evidence that the world is 6,000 years old ( Mary long ago gave me her DVD ) or any of the folktales from a fine book.

    The nuns told us certain things were “axiomatic” .
    You believe them because they are true .

    That’s a wonderful belief, a faith without evidence .
    And it’s fine for someone to send their children to a school that teaches exactly what they believe on Faith .
    They are called parochial schools and I encourage anyone to look into them .

  71. Kevin Scheunemann


    That book review was spoken with true Darwin disciple passion.   Clearly, the reviewer holds fervent to the Darwin religion.   I’m fine with the passion, the evolution religion subject matter should share the same disdain and hostility any other religion suffers in the public sphere.

  72. Kevin Scheunemann


    Faith without evidence is just dandy.   That is what we have with those that subscribe to the “Big Bang”/Evolution  theory.   There is no answer, in science, that can prove where all the material leading up to the Big Bang came from.

    Faith without evidence is everywhere in the godless “science” cosmology.   It should not be treated in a superior position, or enjoin hostility toward other faith without evidence when it comes to the orgin of the universe.

    I’m only for ending the liberal hostility towards certain faiths in the public sphere.

    As Patrick Henry once said:

    “The Constitution is not a document for the government to restarin the people: it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government.”

  73. Kevin Scheunemann


    You have not defined any flaws in creationism that would not be unaffected by your totall corrupt, hostile to God, human nature bias.

  74. Pat


    Again you’re making things up again. I’m not hostile toward your god, or anyone else’s god. I feel everyone has a right to their beliefs. I’m glad there are places, like churches where like minded folks can gather and celebrate those beliefs.

  75. jjf

    Precisely, Kevin. I don’t want you using the power of government to promote your religion. That’s exactly what Patrick Henry was talking about.

    As for evidence, do you think religion or science is more evidence-based?

  76. Kevin Scheunemann


    You claimed flaws in Creation cosmology in Genesis. I asked you to point them out without your corrupted, hostile to God, Hyman nature biases.


    Great, let’s defund all liberal religions: climate change, abortion, evolution/Big Bang, and any other liberal immorality. I’m good taking that approach. I just want every other religion, especially liberal cults I mentioned, to suffer same hostility from liberals under equal protection clause liberals pervert into a sword of censorship. I am being very fair by agreeing to spread your hostility around.

  77. Pat


    There’s plenty written about the flaws of Intelligent Design, go and read it yourself. And, stop making up things that aren’t true. I’m not hostile toward your, or anyone’s, god beliefs.

  78. Le Roi du Nord

    “Liberals are at war with Christianity on every level.” says another self-proclaimed christian breaking one of the big 10.  Shame on you…


  79. jjf

    Kevin, I think you like the idea that you and your religion are persecuted. You focus on it. Yet if we examine the USA, we see that you claim to be a Christian, and that seems to be the predominant religious group here. When’s the last time we had a President who didn’t claim to be a Christian? A governor or senator?

    I am not sure why you think your ideas should be exempt from criticism in the world of ideas. I don’t support the idea that anyone should be able to use government power to suppress your religion, in the same way I don’t think anyone should use government power to prop up your religion.

    However, if someone wants to criticize your religion on their own time with their own resources, who can deny them that freedom? If you want to criticize climate change, abortion, evolution, etc. you are free to do so. By suggesting they are a religion – that’s an odd tactic.

    What if I insist that building roadways is a religion? I could say I’d like to defund this notion that we need dual four-lanes between every two spots in the state. I could claim there’s a unquestioning devotion to the supporters of roads, that they don’t adequately plan for the financial future and upkeep of these roads, so they threaten our financial future, and that they kill people routinely, like abortion, that the roadbuilders are in political cahoots with the elected.

    Should my idea be taken as seriously as yours, simply because I’ve stated it, and because I deemed it a religion?

  80. Kevin Scheunemann


    All the “flaws” I have read are bunk of the godless.   I was interested in your perspective.

  81. Pat


    My perspective is you have the right to believe what you want, as I believe everyone else has the right to believe what they want. I hope that satisfies your interest.

  82. Kevin Scheunemann


    That is fine, but you asked if I was OK having Creation “flaws” presented to school children….I was curious what you meant by that.

  83. Le Roi du Nord


    As Pat said, you have the right to believe what you want.  But just because you believe something doesn’t make it true.

  84. Major Booris

    “All the “flaws” I have read are bunk of the godless.”

    Surprise, surprise, surprise.

    There are four basic possibilities for resolving the Young-Earth Creationism debate:

    The science is wrong.
    The science is being misinterpreted.
    The Bible is wrong.
    The Bible is being misinterpreted.

    For you, Kevin, two of those possibilities are completely off the table from the get-go. As long as that holds true, you have no other option but to argue in bad faith, as you have done on topics of this nature as far back as I can remember.

  85. Pat


    I realize you’re attempting to draw me into one of your debates, but I’m not going to oblige your whim. I meant what I said. You’ll have to go back and read what I said if you can’t remember. I wish you nothing but the best with your beliefs.

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