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0803, 15 Mar 18

Wisconsin Dems Offer Ideas for School Safety

And, of course, the answer is to spend more money on schools.

A Democratic proposal to exempt school safety measures from state-imposed limits on property taxes would cost property owners $85 million, according to a Legislative Fiscal Bureau memo released Wednesday.

I’ll give the Wisconsin Democrats some credit. Their school safety proposals are not outlandish. They focus on better mental health services and better safety protocols in schools. That’s all good. Their proposals are focusing in the right area, at least.

Where they go off the rails is the way politicians of both sides usually go off the rails… they just want to throw a metric crap ton of taxpayer money at these initiatives. No… the money is there already. It is a matter of prioritization. We spend a lot of money on our schools and it is not unreasonable to expect our local school boards to make safety at least a high a priority as Ceramics and Sculpture (just to pick on one).


0803, 15 March 2018


  1. jjf

    The money is there already? What you mean is, you’d like to take away from something else that already exists. Don’t just complain they’d raise taxes. Tell us what you’d cut.

    Why ridicule ceramics? Are you ridiculing art and art education in general? Or do you think it’s not an industry in Wisconsin, from toilets and fixtures to water filters to art pottery?

    As for art pottery, there’s at least half-dozen potteries in Milwaukee, as many in Door County, there’s Rowe Pottery in Cambridge since 1975, Ephraim in Lake Mills since 1996…  they’re at least an hour apart all across the state.  There’s an art pottery show in Madison that’s been held for almost 25 years and it has more than fifty vendors showing off their work.


    Then there’s the Pauline Pottery in Edgerton in the late 1800s that produced both well-regarded art pottery as well as practical ceramics such as battery cups for the railroads and telephone industry.

  2. billphoto

    A lot of good ideas but no one has answered the original question, where’s the money going now?

    I caught our local school district squandering money and asked for some additional information.  What I received was a 600 page ledger printout with no keys to the account codes.  Recently, UW, even after being caught previously, got caught again mis-spending taxpayer dollars.

    Seems always the same pattern.  Someone, school board, school administrators, someone wants to spend our money in a way they know would not be acceptable so they work to hid the truth from prying eyes.  Time to take a look at how to fix these organization BEFORE we dump more taxpayer money down the sh*thole.

  3. Pat

    Walker offered up a $100 million proposal today. Still waiting for state senate GOP to come up with something.

  4. billphoto

    What have you done with Scott Walker?  This is not the man I stood with in 2011.

  5. Le Roi du Nord

    He is running scared, that is what happened to him.  Folks in the WI hinterlands aren’t real happy with the Foxconn deal.

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