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2030, 15 Mar 18

Walker Releases School Safety Plan

As I mentioned before, the urge to throw taxpayer dollars at things is a bipartisan disease.

Gov. Scott Walker on Thursday called on lawmakers to take up a $100 million package aimed at providing more security in school buildings across Wisconsin.

But the plan doesn’t call for imposing stricter controls on gun ownership as Democrats have called for, or for arming teachers as some Republicans have said could be a solution to gun violence in the classroom.


Walker’s plan would create an Office of School Safety within the state Department of Justice; it proposes $100 million in grants to schools, on a one-time basis, to help pay for security improvements, training opportunities and police officers.

It’s unclear how the grants would be distributed, but if the $100 million were divided equally among the 2,261 public schools and 818 private schools in Wisconsin, each school would get $32,478.

Creating another government bureaucracy that will arbitrarily hand out handfuls of taxpayer cash is not a solution. It’s an election year gimmick.


2030, 15 March 2018


  1. dad29

    And Walker “Sends A Wake-Up Call!!!!!” to Republicans.


  2. jjf

    Public money for private schools? Religious schools? I don’t see that in the State Constitution.

    $32K per makes the math easy for reporters. Doesn’t make sense when some high schools have more than 2,100 students and some have 100.

    Yes, it’s a gimmick and a give-away, but you’ll still vote for him, right?

  3. Jason

    >Public money for private schools? Religious schools? I don’t see that in the State Constitution.

    So, it’s about the safety of kids, unless they believe in God? Or their parents pay for both public schools AND and send their kids to private school? Then safety isn’t a concern?

  4. dad29

    if JJF knew anything about Wisconsin law, he’d know why parochial and private schools get buses paid for by the public schools.  Been that way for at least a few decades.

  5. jjf

    Your presumptions are incorrect, Dad29. You understood what I said about the Constitution, I’m sure. That transportation has been true since the late 60s, right?  It doesn’t surprise me that the religious might point to it as a justification for more public hand-outs.  Catholics and Lutherans come together to worship the voucher checks.

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