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1018, 10 Mar 18

West Bend Columnist Takes Shot at Local Business

There’s a lot of hate in this man.

The NRA is not the only outfit promoting the absolute, god-given right to own and use firearms wherever and whenever we want. We have our own local Delta Defense proudly flying the “Don’t Tread on Me” flag joining that chorus.

For those who missed the Delta Defense signs all over West Bend as it sponsors events and charities to purchase some aura of respectability, the company provides the base for a number of connected entities promoting armed concealed carry and self defense, trading on fear and based on the idea that we need to be ready at a moment’s notice to use deadly force against those who might do us harm.

Tim Schmidt and his wife, Tonnie, who was elected to the West Bend school board last year, founded Delta Defense in 2003. They first opened in Jackson. Then, they purchased the former Museum of Wisconsin Art building across from the West Bend Library, bailing out the museum’s construction loan with a grant from local economic development funds. Next, they got more help from the city to build their new headquarters on the hill behind Boston Store. West Bend Mayor Kraig Sadownikow, a proud “Three Percenter,” Second Amendment absolutist and staunch supporter helped engineer city support.

I’ll go on record in saying that Delta Defense has been a fantastic addition to West Bend and is a marvelous corporate citizen. They have expanded, provided jobs, and as Finke so disdainfully admits, has been a tireless contributor to dozens of local charities and community organizations. Delta Defense is the kind of company that people say they want a company to be.

I would also add that Finke is one of the local driving forces behind organizing the anti-gun protest that the students will be having next week. The same protest that the local school district decided to facilitate.


1018, 10 March 2018


  1. MjM

    Funny, everything Finke, the retired criminal defense hack,  mentions sounds pretty good to me.   Imagine that;  teaching folks the right way to handle weapons and obey the law.


  2. dad29

    …promoting the absolute, god-given right to own and use firearms wherever and whenever we want….

    FIRST THING, set up a straw man.  I’ve been a sometimes-member of NRA and have NEVER seen ‘use firearms wherever and whenever we want’ as part of NRA’s philosophy.

    It is, however, indicative of the mentality of the Left.  That’s “projection.”  So be careful around Mr. Finke….

  3. Kevin Scheunemann

    I am never surprised by the amount of total, dripping, disdain and intolerance many liberals hold for productive capitalist leaders and achievers in a community.  Liberals really do not believe in “diversity”.   If they did, they would be praising Delta Defense.

  4. jsr

    Finke’s column used to bother me because of  the drivel he writes.  I still have trouble believing that he really holds some of the positions he advocates in his column.  I have decided that it does not matter as he is doing a great job of making those positions look ridiculous.

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