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2009, 25 Jan 18

False Alarm Foulup Refuses to Cooperate

Something is fishy here.

Hawaii Emergency Management Agency spokesman Richard Rapoza said his agency has encouraged all employees to cooperate with all investigations. But he said this employee also has refused to cooperate with the agency’s internal investigations.

Rapoza said he couldn’t speak to why the employee wasn’t cooperating with federal investigators.

‘With regard to our internal investigations, he has taken the position that he provided a written statement shortly after the incident, and doesn’t need to speak to investigators because he has nothing to add,’ Rapoza said in an email.

The agency has not identified the employee. He continues to work at the agency though has been reassigned to a section where he doesn’t have access to the warning system.

Or is the employee just an arrogant civil servant who doesn’t feel a need to explain himself?


2009, 25 January 2018


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