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0731, 19 Jan 18


We continue to learn that at the federal and state levels, the liberals in government had no problem weaponizing the legal, surveillance, and investigatory agencies for the singular purpose of destroying political enemies. This is what fascism looks like.

House Republicans have said that the information in a secret memo on surveillance is so shocking that it must be released to the public.

Members of the lower chamber of Congress were allowed to see a memo from the House Intelligence Committee on Thursday, with some voicing outrage about what they saw in a restricted room at the Capitol.

“I viewed the classified report from House Intel relating to the FBI, FISA abuses, the infamous Russian dossier, and so-called ‘Russian collusion.’ What I saw is absolutely shocking. This report needs to be released–now. Americans deserve the truth. #ReleaseTheMemo,” Rep. Mark Meadows of North Carolina said Thursday night.

He was joined by other lawmakers who saw the memo after a vote in the Intelligence Committee opened it up to all members of the House, a process that could be repeated to share it with the public.


0731, 19 January 2018

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  1. Jason

    I’m guessing that the liberal media is aware of the contents….  why do I guess that?  Just this morning, the Today show aired a pleasant piece on how Melania Trump is enhancing the role of “First Lady”.


    That’s the first non-negative feature I can recall seeing about any Trump.  I forecast that there will be a large swing in a number of the liberal channels to a more positive relationship with Trump.

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