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0746, 08 Jan 18

Democrats Go on Offense on Healthcare

This smart by the Democrats.

Democrats are shifting to offense on health care, emboldened by successes in defending the Affordable Care Act. They say their ultimate goal is a government guarantee of affordable coverage for all.

With Republicans unable to agree on a vision for health care, Democrats are debating ideas that range from single-payer, government-run care for all, to new insurance options anchored in popular programs like Medicare or Medicaid. There’s also widespread support for authorizing Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices, an idea once advocated by candidate Donald Trump, which has languished since he was elected president.

Democrats are hoping to winnow down the options during the 2018 campaign season, providing clarity for their 2020 presidential candidate. In polls, health care remains a top priority for the public, particularly for Democrats and independents.

True, a thinking person might say, “you gave us the utter failure of Obamacare when you were in charge,” but Americans tend to have a short memory. With the Republicans failing to repeal Obamacare and failing to offer a clear message, the Democrats may win the “JUST DO SOMETHING!” crowd by just offering a coherent alternative. Of course, the Democrats are more than willing to build their dream of socialized medicine upon the ashes of Obamacare.

The Republicans better get off their arses and advocate a free market approach to healthcare. The American people are not done with the issue – even if the Republicans are tired of it.


0746, 08 January 2018


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Because the failure of national health care in other countries needs to be emulated???

  2. Paul

    Coincidentally, most of those countries ban white nationalists like you.

  3. Le Roi du Nord

    So all you have is yet another lie, eh paulie?

  4. Paul

    Odd.  You’ve yet to point one out, Nazi.

    Now stop polluting this fine blog and get lost.

  5. Kevin Scheunemann


    Liberal fascist academic dreck.

    No where does it account for people waiting in line, denial of NHS services, limitation on NHS services, how US serves those escaping socialist healthcare, and freedom to choose.

    I expected your liberal treachery. You should educate yourself by looking at CATO rankings.

  6. Jason

    Not to mention there’s no date on that study but it references other studies that are from 2000 and earlier. In my opinion anything using PPP to compare costs between regions and countries is of little real world value.

    On top of that the formula for calculating “efficiency” was based on a poll completed by a mere 1000 people, oh and of which 50% were WHO employees. Hardly a representative sample of 7 billion people.

  7. Paul

    But the little troll tried so hard to sound intelligent. And failed.

  8. Le Roi du Nord


    You really had to dig deep to come up with that bunch of jibberish;

    “liberal fascist”  Which is it, they aren’t even remotely the same?

    And you are anti-academic, no surprise there.  What level of education do you want your health care providers to have?  Mail order diplomas?

    At least I provided some information to start the discussion.  k and little paul  provided nothing to back up their claim.

  9. billphoto

    On topic – People voted for Trump to drain the swamp and change business as usual in Washington DC.  There are limitations to what one person, even the President of the United States can do to effect change.  Republicans must get some things or they are in trouble.  Fixing ObamaCare and immigration are compulsory to their re-election.

    BTW-I did not get to keep my doctor nor did my premiums go down; they went up, triple.  I don’t see that as an improvement to the prior system.

    The main tool of the troll is accusation, trying to turn use someone’s own words against them, twisting their statements and pounding away at one aspect of a viewpoint instead of actually (purposely) grasping the overview of the conservation.

    The first rule of troll control is, don’t respond.  Most will simply move on if ignored.

  10. Jason

    Bill, his job has been harder than any other’s in history, with activist opposition judges making outrageous rulings. DACA and judge William Alsup… What a troll that judge has been… I’m looking forward to the SC slapping him again.

  11. Paul

    Too bad Owen doesn’t shitcan the little Nazi troll.

  12. Le Roi du Nord

    Well, Owen  hasn’t canned you.

  13. Paul

    Be gone, troll.

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