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1709, 22 Dec 17

Senator Stroebel Comments on Teacher Firings

Senator Stroebel offered a comment on the story I posted this morning regarding the teacher resignations in West Bend. He nails it.

It’s now clear former Superintendent Olson handled these inappropriate emails correctly.

No student, parent or community member should be mocked with explicit language – especially since those using bullying tactics are teachers.

Earlier this week, the West Bend Educator’s Association suggested this clear violation of public trust was not handled correctly.

Union teachers need to answer if bullying is ok and how they would have handled the situation.

Yesterday, the Washington County Insider posted a second politically charged survey offered to students.

Political agendas must stay out of the classroom.

Children must always come first.

It is unfortunate the many past achievements made by former board members, administrators and teachers are being shadowed by the lapse of judgement of some teachers.


1709, 22 December 2017

1 Comment

  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Agendas out of the classroom?

    I like his idealism, in a barren liberal agenda laden education landscape.

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