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1929, 21 Dec 17

Separatist Parties Win Strong Majority in Catalonia

Despite what the Spanish government wants, the Catalans want their own country.

(CNN)Voters in the Spanish region of Catalonia have backed pro-independence parties in elections, dealing a major blow to Madrid, which has been desperate to quell the separatist movement.

The Spanish government had called the early vote in the hope of having a more moderate Catalan administration to deal with. The previous one held an illegal referendum to secede from Spain and its MPs then declared unilateral independence, triggering the country’s worst political crisis in decades.
But Madrid’s hopes were clearly dashed. With more than 99% of the vote counted, no single party gained an outright majority but the three separatist parties together took 70 seats. They needed 68 to keep their grip on the 135-seat Parliament.

1929, 21 December 2017


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