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2226, 14 Dec 17

Legislative Leaders Call for Resignations


Republican leaders of the state Legislature are urging the chief staffers of the state Elections and Ethics commissions to resign, citing “widespread concerns over partisan influence remaining” from their predecessor, the former Government Accountability Board.

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald made the calls in separate letters to Mike Haas, administrator of the Elections Commission, and Brian Bell, administrator of the Ethics Commission.

“Due to past errors in judgment by leadership and staff at the recently disbanded Government Accountability Board, there are still widespread concerns over partisan influence remaining at the top of” the commissions, Vos and Fitzgerald wrote in letters to Haas and Bell, released by the lawmakers late Thursday. “You have lost the confidence of our caucuses to be an impartial administrator.

“Therefore, we believe that it would be appropriate at this time for you to tender your resignation.”


2226, 14 December 2017


  1. dad29

    Don’t hold your breath.

  2. billphoto

    Resignations, terminations, whatever.  This crew should be not working in government.

  3. Del James

    Democrats abuse the apparatus of government to punish opponents with seeming impunity.  Lois Lerner and the IRS targeting conservative groups for denials of tax-exempt status, Filegate (Hillary Clinton having a flunky obtain the FBI files on hundreds of GOP enemies), Kamala Harris raiding a pro-lifer’s house because he published videos showing Planned Parenthood abuses, Loretta Lynch and a host of others attempting to criminalize climate change denial.  The list is endless, and it will not stop until there are serious consequences for these abuses.  Given that the Supreme Court of Wisconsin already has held that the John Doe investigation was baseless, it should go further and refer the matter to the OLR, and these hack DAs should be disciplined.

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