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0736, 01 Dec 17

Week In Review

I’ll be on WPR’s Week in Review show from 0800 – 0900 today. I’ll be discussing the issues of the week with Christine Bremer-Muggli.

Tune in!


0736, 01 December 2017


  1. las_noticias

    Hi! I listened your comment on WPR about how private business did NOT have the issue of sexual harassment or assault with great wonder and amazement, even sent an email to WPR but it was not included. This just appeared on Facebook and I believe it’s much more representative:    Not to mention that Mr. O’Reilly/Reilley on Fox is just one example and it seemed clear he was not the only one on the network. And so many comments about Hillary Clinton during the election were intensely rooted in misogyny. (no, I don’t approve of her husband but that doesn’t automatically extend to her)

    The Mad Men atmosphere you mentioned is not always blatant, necessarily, but it’s still there. Yes, I’m a woman. And I’m not sure with all of Mr. Ryan’s comments, things will change for real and it makes me sad. There’s still way too much going on and too much seems acceptable.

    Owen, you seem like an honorable person and I often think that makes it more difficult to believe things that are going on. We could split hairs on this but it’s out there.


  2. Le Roi du Nord

    I listened as well, and was disappointed when you dodged the question posed about giving examples of how a trickle down tax cut helps those in the middle and lower class.   And how the $1 trillion deficit predicted by the tax cut is no longer an issue for conservatives.

  3. Pat

    I believe in trickle up economics. More money in the hands of the middle class creates greater purchasing power which in turn creates demand. Creating demand for goods creates the need for a greater supply of goods. To supply more goods productivity will have to increase through employment and automation. All of this creates more sales, profits, and higher wages. The middle class are the true job creators.

  4. billphoto

    I believe no one will be 100% satisfied with any tax cut plan including me.  I also believe half a loaf is better than no loaf.  All this said, it is my sincerest wish than the triggers included in the bill would trigger spending cuts.

  5. Owen

    Thanks for listening.

    Noticias – I did not intend to imply that sexual harassment no longer existed in the private sector. My point was that the blatant, aggressive, “Mad Men” type behavior has largely disappeared from the business world except for, apparently, Hollywood, Big Media, and politicians. In my experience, the sexual harassment I’ve seen or heard about in the business world is usually more subtle and, when exposed, dealt with swiftly and harshly. That’s as it should be.

    Nord – I ducked it for 2 reasons. First, the topic was not in the topics list, so I was not prepared to argue the point. I could have made the normal broad arguments, which I briefly did, but I prefer to argue with facts at my fingertips. I was not afforded the opportunity to pull from that well. Second, it is a rather fun, but useless esoteric debate. The facts are that our economy is incredibly dynamic with billions of inputs and outputs. So I can argue that tax cuts spurred economic growth. You can pull some statistic that disputes that notion. I can point to other economic inputs that impacted that statistic. And around we go. It’s entertaining for the participants, but boring for a radio audience and not at all productive in furthering a discussion.

  6. Paul

    That’s a lot of words to say Le Roy du Moore is a boring, pendantic twat.

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