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0701, 30 Nov 17

NFL Agrees to Fund Players’ Social Causes

So the millionaire players have extorted the billionaire owners to pump money into lefty social causes. That sure makes me want to go out and buy a $250 ticket to a game.

The NFL and its players have reportedly reached a tentative agreement on a proposal to partner together in an effort to promote social justice.

According to the Washington Post‘s Mark Maske, the framework of the deal, which needs to be ratified by NFL owners, states the league and its teams will “provide approximately $90 million to $100 million between the onset of the arrangement and 2023 to social causes deemed important by the players, focused in particular on African American communities.”

What if the players want to use their new slush fund to oppose abortion or promote legal gun ownership? Can those causes get some NFL cash?


0701, 30 November 2017

1 Comment

  1. billphoto

    Personally, I would not hold my breath waiting for these social justice warriors to start reaching into their own pockets to promote 2 parent families or ending gun violence in the inner city.

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