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1857, 12 Nov 17

Problems in Beloit

This is an interesting story by the Beloit Daily News. The Beloit School District is seeing the same thing as many other districts – terrible kids who disrupt classes – and the administration is apparently doing a poor job of handling it. Here’s on teacher’s story:

Another former BMHS teacher who also left to work in another district loves Beloit and misses its kids. This teacher said 99 percent of students are well behaved, staff is excellent and there are many great programs.

But the teacher said Beloit Memorial High School has a group of around 25 repeat offenders who frequently cause great disruption, preventing teachers from teaching and students from learning. The teacher said most districts have kids with similar issues, but Beloit has suffered from poor administrator response.

“There is a revolving door policy. You send them out, and 5-10 minutes later they are back, sometimes with a bag of chips and a smile on their face,” the teacher said.

Some students, the teacher said, try to get suspended or expelled, and the threat of action does nothing to deter their behavior.

This teacher called the town hall meeting a “joke” and “publicity stunt” because no meaningful action followed it. Although the teacher said the school board asked some good questions, there was no change in approach by administration.

The code of conduct is solid, the teacher said, but it is inconsistently applied and some administrators make deals with students.

You know one thing that’s interesting? Before Act 10, it was much more difficult for teachers to leave for another district without losing things like their seniority. Not only has Act 10 made it easier for teachers to go to another district when they feel unsafe or are dissatisfied, but the outflow of dissatisfied teachers will put pressure on the school district to get their act together. Whether or not the school board responds to that pressure is another story, but at least Act 10 has introduced some natural market forces that push our school to be better for everyone.


1857, 12 November 2017


  1. 9606

    “but the outflow of dissatisfied teachers will put pressure on the school district to get their act together.”
    Why do you say that?
    What makes you think the district will feel pressure?

  2. Le Roi du Nord

    “Before Act 10, it was much more difficult for teachers to leave for another district without losing things like their seniority.”

    Not necessarily true.

  3. Paul

    (Citation missing)

  4. Le Roi du Nord

    little paulie:

    Your double standards are showing.  Soooo many hypocrites, sooo little time..

  5. Kevin Scheunemann

    Why am I not surprised that Nord rushes to defend a failing public school perspective?

  6. Paul

    (Citation missing)

    (Name calling and personal attacks)

  7. Le Roi du Nord


    Read for comprehension.  I never made any defense regarding any “failing public school perspective”, what ever the heck that might mean.  What I did say is that Owen’s claim isn’t accurate.

  8. Mark Hoefert

    <I>“Before Act 10, it was much more difficult for teachers to leave for another district without losing things like their seniority.”

    Not necessarily true.</I>

    But mostly necessarily true.  90% necessarily true?  95% necessarily true? Or what % not necessarily true?

    <a href=””>From teacher ‘free agency’ to merit pay, the uproar over Act 10 turns into upheaval in Wisconsin schools</a>

    <I>Once anchored in communities, teachers are moving from district to district, creating a year-round cycle of vacancies and turnover as fewer people enter the profession.

    The revolving schoolhouse door is rewarding the most sought-after educators with five-figure signing bonuses — giving better-paying districts an edge in recruiting away top talent.

    Newly empowered administrators are rooting out more underachievers, slowly but steadily linking pay to performance and <b>prizing skill over seniority.</b></I>

    In Owen’s (and my) school district there are 9 school districts within 15 miles.  Extend it out to 30 miles (a reasonable commute) and it becomes more difficult to enumerate how many more options there are available to our educators.

    I would like to add that at this time, West Bend School District teacher vacancy is less than 2 FTEs. (One full time Math, one part time Math @ 34%, and one part time Phys Ed @ 50%).  Beloit has about 10 FTEs vacant at this time.  For West Bend, that is a vacancy rate of less than 1/2 of 1% (about 420 teacher FTEs).  I know human resource directors that would do cartwheels around their desk to be dealing with rates that low.






  9. Le Roi du Nord


    So what does that prove?  Folks could move before, and in many cases could negotiate benefits with the new SD.  I know it happened up here pre-act 10, as tech ed and science teachers were moving to larger suburban districts for more $$, kept the benefits.

  10. Paul

    Mark pwned the troll.

  11. Mark Hoefert

    I think my article proves that Owen was right in that Act 10 has been the catalyst for giving educators the ability to change jobs without incurring economic hardship.  As shown by the increase in job movement by educators intra district.  There always was the ability to find higher a paying job if you went to a district with a higher union wage structure – now the districts have the ability to pay a higher wage to get the exact candidate they need, without having to put him/her at the bottom step of a chart.

  12. Jason

    One with a source liked and actual numbers.  One with anecdotal stories.  Hmmm, wonder why Average Joe is “Average”…. /sarcasm.

    Wonder why anyone would ever supply Average Joy with sources on demand any more… /sarcasm.

    Wonder why Average Joe even bothers to post here…  /NO sarcasm.



  13. Paul

    The troll didn’t even bother with anecdotals. Here’s its post summary:

    Personal attack
    Personal attack
    Personal attack
    Personal attack and lie

  14. Le Roi du Nord

    Interesting set of double standards you guys/gals have.   Guess that holds true in this case as well.

    Hear is an anecdote:  My niece (middle school math) left a SD in Sheboygan County for one in Manitowoc.  She kept her years of service and other benefits.  This was 2008, hence pre-act 10.

    Here is fact:  If a SD wanted you bad enough pre-act 10 they could make the benefits work out.  It happened before act 10, it happens now.  Source:  Our SD superintendent.

    I really don’t care if you believe me or not, the point is the statement by Owen is not necessarily true.  Certainly not is all cases.

  15. Paul

    Nobody cares. Leave.

  16. billphoto

    the point is the statement by Owen is not necessarily false, either.

  17. Jason

    >Hear is an anecdote:

    What, was I supposed to read or listen?  I’m confused…

    Trolls gotta troll.

  18. Le Roi du Nord


    You are correct, my bad.  Sorry for any confusion.  Guess I have been pwned again.

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