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1758, 09 Nov 17

The Myth of “Free”

The news media is engaging in grotesque propaganda when “reporting” on the Obamacare premiums. Take this story:

Almost every county in the U.S.’s exchange has free health insurance plans available on the individual exchanges during the current open enrollment, according to a new analysis from Avalere, a public health care firm.

The Center for American Progress and the Kaiser Family Foundation also detailed significant swaths of plans that are inexpensive for people eligible for subsidies.

THE PLANS ARE NOT “FREE”!!! They are paid for by the taxpayers in some cases, but that does not make them “free.” What it means is that the government took a dollar from one American and gave it to another to pay for health insurance. That is not “free.” That is “welfare.”


1758, 09 November 2017


  1. jjf

    You can’t distinguish between “welfare” and “insurance”?

  2. Paul

    Free premiums on insurance is welfare.

  3. Le Roi du Nord

    Just the same as WEDC taking a dollar of my taxes and giving it to some con man without any strings attached.  Poof, its gone.

  4. jjf

    “Free premiums on insurance is welfare”?  You’re trying to say that any government subsidy of insurance premiums is “welfare”?  What other subsidies count as “welfare”?  You don’t think WEDC handouts are “welfare”?

  5. Jason

    >Just the same as WEDC taking a dollar of my taxes and giving it to some con man without any strings attached. 

    Don’t look now, but Average Joe is lying again.


    “Wisconsin used guarantees from a Taiwanese billionaire and the company he founded to avoid a problem that one Democratic critic has described as a potential “nuclear bomb” in a $3 billion jobs contract.
    With the state’s largest such deal ever at risk, Terry Gou, the chairman of Taiwan’s Foxconn Technology Group, helped push the project forward by agreeing to pay one-quarter of the potential contract penalties if the flat screen plant planned for Racine County is closed down.”

  6. jjf

    Depends. How many ag subsidies were involved?

  7. Paul

    Average Joe busted lying again.

    Jason 56, WNT 0

  8. Le Roi du Nord


    Nope, no lie. I didn’t say it was foxconn, that is your inference.  But look at all the other wasted $$ that WEDC gave away.  Start with Green Box in Green Bay.  The guy was a known crook and con, had no factory, product or collateral, yet WEDC handed him a bushel of $$.  Poof, all gone.

  9. Paul

    Moving the goalposts and lies

    15 yard penalty. Remains third down.

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