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1928, 23 Oct 17


Perhaps not.

Well, get ready to be shocked: I cannot honestly say #MeToo. That’s right: In a world stocked with predatory males, I have had good male teachers, good male professors, good male bosses, and good male friends who are normal human beings with operating empathy sensors and competent command of every basic human emotion. Sure, I’ve been catcalled a few times, and I once had to dart away from a clearly disturbed guy on the streets of New York City. Because I am big on gender equity, I should clarify that I darted away because he was clearly disturbed, not because he was a guy.

And that, my friends, is life. Sometimes men get yelled at and have to dodge clearly disturbed people on the streets, too.

There it is, the whole weird truth. Perhaps I’m alone. Perhaps every American woman but me lives in fear every single day. But, then again, perhaps not.

I know that as a dude that I am part of the patriarchy and whatnot and no longer permitted to have an opinion on these matters, but I do get tired of constantly being portrayed as a predator just because of my gender.


1928, 23 October 2017

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  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Gender is fluid according to deviant liberalism, so men can claim me too thing as a woman, if they wasn’t.

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