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0915, 13 Oct 17

What’s in Trump’s Executive Order?

While I continue to lament the fact that our federal government now operates largely by executive fiat instead of legislative action, these are all very positive changes.

Let more small businesses join together to buy coverage. Trump is directing the Labor Department to study how to make it easier for small businesses, and possibly individuals, to collectively buy health insurance through association health plans. Small employers may expand their ability to offer group coverage across state lines, providing them with a broader range of policies at lower rates.


Extend short-term coverage policies.The order would allow more consumers to purchase short-term health insurance plans. It directs agencies to lengthen the coverage of these policies and permit renewals.


Expand employers’ ability to give workers cash to buy coverage elsewhere.Health reimbursement arrangements are not well-known, but they figure into Trump’s executive order. Employers use them to provide workers with tax-free funds to pay for health care costs, mainly deductibles and co-pays.


0915, 13 October 2017


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