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1234, 23 Sep 17

Goodell Slams Trump


(CNN)NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on Saturday slammed President Donald Trump’s criticism of NFL players kneeling in protest during the National Anthem in remarks the President made at a rally in Alabama Friday night.

Goodell called Trump’s comments “divisive” and said they show a “lack of respect” for the league and its players.
I would argue that the people kneeling during the National Anthem are “divisive” and show a “lack of respect” to this nation and all that it stands for. In fact, I would argue that that is the precisely the intent of the protest.

1234, 23 September 2017


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Not just “divisive”, but “offensive” when it comes to the gratitude toward the great blessings of this country.

  2. Rep Bob Gannon

    I suspect that this whole BLM and “hate America but look at me show” will continue to the point where there are serious financial repercussions to the pro teams bottom line. It’s too late to have the players stay in the locker room during the national anthem, the hooligans have taken over and now want to use their highly paid profession as their own personal message board. I believe that player termination will be forthcoming, just as DT mentioned, because big sports is a big business, and the bottom line is that there is a lot of overhead that needs to be covered.

  3. dad29

    There are rumors that the networks are losing $$$ on NFL coverage due to declining viewing.  Maybe that decline is due to JoeBlabber Buck, though, instead of jackwad players.

  4. Owen

    I turned on the TV to watch the noon games, like usual, and turned it off when the singer at the Detroit game took a knee while singing the national anthem. I’m not going to patronize a business that chooses to shit all over my nation.

  5. Pat

    I find our chicken hawk President a disgrace to the flag. He is shitting all over our nation. While it’s acceptable to grab pussies, it’s not acceptable to practice what our first amendment protects. And those who defend this idiot in chief are indefensible.

  6. Owen

    While that may be true in your mind, one disparagement upon the flag and our nation does not excuse the other.

  7. Pat

    And calling protesting individuals mothers bitches is another vulgar display of national disrespect by a president.

    It’s sad to see that grabbing pussies and calling mothers bitches are acceptable for the new Republican party.

  8. dad29

    Pat, it’s nice to know that you are concerned for the Republican Party.  We’ll put a note in your file.

  9. Pat

    Dad, I’m not concerned at all about the Republican Party. Are you?

  10. dad29

    No, Pat, I’m not.  But as you SHOULD know, Trump was not elected solely by Republicans.  He was elected by Reagan Democrats and SOME Republicans.

    So the Democrats are the ones who elected the pussy-grabber.  That fits; ask Ted Kennedy or Bill Clinton.

  11. Pat

    “So the Democrats are the ones who elected the pussy-grabber.”

    By that logic it must have been the Republicans who voted for Hillary???

    Either way, Trump is the leader of the Republican Party and Republicans acceptance of this national embarrassment of a President in the congress is shameful.

  12. billphoto

    Hyprocracy? The rules are found on pages A62-63 of the league’s game operations manual:
    The National Anthem must be played prior to every NFL game, and all players must be on the sideline for the National Anthem.
    During the National Anthem, players on the field and bench area should stand at attention, face the flag, hold helmets in their left hand, and refrain from talking. The home team should ensure that the American flag is in good condition. It should be pointed out to players and coaches that we continue to be judged by the public in this area of respect for the flag and our country. Failure to be on the field by the start of the National Anthem may result in discipline, such as fines, suspensions, and/or the forfeiture of draft choice(s) for violations of the above, including first offenses.
    Credit to Drudge

  13. Paul

    After your three 500 year floods in a year comments, you are in no position to fact check.

  14. Le Roi du Nord

    petite paul:

    Read for comprehension.  I didn’t do the check, Snopes did.

    And I apologized for my error, whereas you are an unapologetic troll.

  15. billphoto

    Snopes ?? Ha, ha,ha,ha,ha,ha.  Try Salon or the Huffington Post.

  16. Le Roi du Nord

    Far more credible than the billmeister or drudge.    If you have better proof, please share.

  17. dad29

    The National Embarrassment is the homosexual/communist/progressive combine of warts, zits, and pustules collectively sheltered and funded by the followers of Alinsky, a Satan-worshipper.

    If you’re a member of that group, man up and say so, Pat.  Be proud and loud!

  18. Paul

    I read just fine, shit stain.

    Take your white supremacist ass the fuck out of here.

  19. Pat

    What the heck are you babbling about Dad? It is completely nonsensical.

  20. Paul

    It was still more coherent than what you barfed up, fuckwad.

  21. dad29

    No, Pat, it’s the facts.  Don’t like that, Pat?

  22. Jason

    > I didn’t do the check, Snopes did.

    Le Roi de Average Joe, perhaps you should stick to your strategy of “not counting your chickens” here as well…

    >CORRECTION: We have changed the status of this article from “FALSE” to “MIXTURE” due to possible confusion over the existence and wording of two similarly identified documents

  23. billphoto

    I did my research.  According to my source inside the Mueller investigation (who will remain unnamed as he is only authorized to leak information not speak on the record) this workplace requirement to stand for our national anthem was the result of the Russians hacking the NFL.  I was told the investigation is moving forward based on the knowledge that President Trump is a white supremacist and gave the Russians orders to hack the NFL with the goal in mind to fire all the black players and return the NFL to its pure state.  I was also told by my source inside the Mueller investigation that although they have zero proof of any of this, it is only a matter of time before they ‘find’ something.

  24. Pat

    Dad, I guess I don’t understand your “facts”. But that’s ok, they’re more than likely not important anyway.

  25. Le Roi du Nord


    Correction:  That’s right.  And it doesn’t say that the bill/drudge claim is true, but rather some folks are confused.  That is why I used the word “maybe”. Read for comprehension. It may save you more embarrassing moments.

  26. billphoto

    Oh, no.  Not look it up, again!

  27. Paul

    Remember the last time the Nazi troll said to look it up.

    I kicked his ass. And then he lied about a typo and lied about making a donation. They don’t make trolls lower than that.

  28. dad29

    Actually, Pat, despite your inability to comprehend clearly-written English, the remarks DO mean a lot.

    See, e.g., the election of Trump, Brexit, and other signs of the times.

    Or don’t see them.  I don’t care.

    The National Embarrassment is the homosexual/communist/progressive combine of warts, zits, and pustules collectively sheltered and funded by the followers of Alinsky, a Satan-worshipper.

  29. Pat

    Dad, those aren’t facts, those are just incoherent beliefs.

    What is a fact is we now have a President who is an international embarrassment. I realize that there was a minority of the population that voted for, and will continue to blindly support a President no matter what he says or does. It’s difficult, if not impossible, for political/ideological zealots to admit a misjudgment in a belief.

  30. Paul

    It’s not like he used an intern as a humidor, committee perjury and had to surrender a law license.

    Unclutch your pearls and shove them up your fucking ass, Pat.

  31. Pat

    How do you really feel Paul.

  32. Paul

    You’re just angry that President Trump got most of the NFL to bow to him.

  33. Pat

    What makes you think I’m angry, or really care about what someone does during the national anthem? As far as I’m concerned people can do what ever they want during the national anthem. I don’t think it defines anyone patriotism, much like going to church doesn’t defines anyone’s Christianity.

  34. Paul

    You’re just angry. In fact, when that church was shot up in Tennessee, we figured it was either you or the Nazi troll.

    Check those taillights, bub. And mind the speed limit.

  35. Pat

    President Snowflake just said that the NFL should make it mandatory that everyone stands for the playing of the national anthem. Does that mean everyone in the stands and at home have to also?

    Here’s an example of government sticking it’s nose into a business telling it what it has to do.

  36. Paul

    President Trump has signed no law nor executive order mandating such. He does not have the power to do so.

    So fuck you. There is no government sticking its nose in anyone’s business. Your point is fraudulent as you are. Please die soon, fuck face.

  37. Paul

    Please point out an EO, HB or SB number tied to this, fuckwad.

  38. Pat

    I guess you had a hard time reading my first email on this. I wrote, “President Snowflake just said that the NFL should make it mandatory that everyone stands for the playing of the national anthem.”

    Hope that clears up your confusion.

  39. Paul

    Email? Fucking dumbass.

  40. Pat

    Oh, another good one! Bwahahahaha.
    Must suck to be you and proven wrong.

  41. Paul

    You didn’t prove a fucking thing. No rule or regulation exists.

  42. dad29

    Paul, he’s not worth bothering yourself about.

  43. Pat

    Poor snowflakes!

  44. Paul

    Beta male cuck.

  45. Pat

    That the best you got to demonstrate your intellect, Paulette?

  46. billphoto

    Please don’t feed the trolls.

  47. Le Roi du Nord


    Could you please define the term “troll” as you used it above?  I’m just curious how Pat and I are considered trolls, yet a foul-mouthed liar such as paul gets a free pass from you?   Are trolls only folks that have an opinion different than yours?  Or are you subject to terminal conformation bias?

    Thanks for enlightening us all.

  48. Paul

    Considering I caught you lying repeatedly, I’d pipe down. Fucking white supremacist troll.

  49. Le Roi du Nord

    little paulie:

    You caught me making a typo.  I didn’t intentionally lie.  And I apologized. AND I sent $20 to the Red Cross in Houston in your name, or at least the only one I know, petite paul.    And I am not a white supremacist troll – you are lying again….

  50. Paul

    That was no fucking typo, white supremacist troll.

    You were caught lying. You are a racist piece of garbage.

  51. Paul

    “I didn’t intentionally lie…”

    A lie is a lie. Intentional or not.

    Fuck you, Nazi.

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