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0624, 13 Sep 17

Sign at Local Dairy Queen Makes News

Local boy done good!

KEWASKUM — A sign about the lack of political correctness patrons can expect to find at the Dairy Queen in Kewaskum is gathering some recent widespread attention, despite it being placed on windows at the business about four years ago.

Owner and Kewaskum Village Board president Kevin Scheunemann said, “It’s been up there a long time without hardly a complaint.” He explained there was a complaint in 2016 from someone he spoke with and who continues to return to the fastfood restaurant.

On Sept. 6, the sign became the subject of a Facebook post on the Dairy Queen Facebook page and received some attention before being taken down by the poster. The poster found the sign offensive.

Scheunemann said he asked what about the sign was offensive and never heard a response.


0624, 13 September 2017


  1. billphoto

    I think it is offensive the Mr. Scheunemann advertises products with bacon.  Just driving down the nearby road, I am sure I see a picture of bacon and on days when there is a light breeze, I swear I can smell the delicious bacon aroma Ait’s making me crazy.  And this business of giving free sundaes to veterans.  Discrimination.  What’s next? Standing for the National Anthem?  Mr. Scheunemann needs to kowtow to my demands or I will expose him for the patriotic Christian that he is.

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    I was so busy with media, extra store business, and managing thousands of emails/calls/social media contacts, I think I only looked at Boots and Sabers a couple times last 5 days. Humbled to be on the best media blog in WI.

  3. billphoto

    Shades of Kim Kardashian, Kevin is everywhere.  Help!!!

  4. Kevin Scheunemann

    Over-exposure for sure! I turned down all local radio interviews including Milwaukee, Madison, Seattle, California, etc. After CBS 58, I only released 2 statements to TV news media about reactions coming in. So I refused all on camera interviews. I did go on Todd Starnes national radio show for 3 minutes, but that was about it after CBS 58 story. I only honored all local reporter requests like WB News and Statesman. So I tried to keep it to some sanity, however, it keeps getting legs because liberal web sites are getting all up in their grill about this. Personally I think it’s all about the idea I committed the cardinal sin of using safe spaces for thought and ideas the political correctness crowd has hate and intolerance for. That is the “sin” I have done in their eyes. I am happy to have brought diversity to the concept of safe spaces.

  5. billphoto

    Kevin – You are a deplorable malignantly narcissistic sexist global warming denier racist misogynistic bully patriotic Christian.  Isn’t it nice to know you are in the same company as me and our President?

  6. Kevin Scheunemann


    I have had more than one tolerant, compassionate, liberal tell me that my sign says all that…almost in that exact same terminolgy.  (you forgot “homophobic” and “transphobic” in front of sexist)   I did a word search on my sign for all those terms and came up empty.  I then did a “between the line” search and still came up empty.   I think I need to find a crazy political correctness search function for my sign to find all that….is there something on CNN web site???

  7. jjf

    Wikipedia describes “virtual signalling” as “the conspicuous expression of moral values done primarily with the intent of enhancing standing within a social group. The term was first used in signalling theory, to describe any behavior that could be used to signal virtue—especially piety among the religious.[1] Since 2015, the term has become more commonly used as a pejorative characterization by commentators to criticize what they regard as the platitudinous, empty, or superficial support of certain political views, and also used within groups to criticize their own members for valuing outward appearance over substantive action.[2][3][4] This more recent usage of the term has been criticized for misusing the concept of signalling and encouraging lazy thinking.[5]”

    In short, he’s trying to attract attention for himself.

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