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2026, 31 Aug 17

Texan Defends Store From Looters

Good for him.

Armed with a shotgun, he screamed at anyone who approached a Little York Food Mart store, making terrifying threats.

In footage which has since gone viral, the vigilante is seen telling one man: ‘Hey, don’t you go back in that store! I’m telling you one time. I’m not scared to shoot you.’

His threats appear to work, as looters are seen running away from the scene.

And another potential looter is warned: ‘I will cut your a** in half. Don’t go in that store no goddamn more!’

The voice of the woman who filmed him is heard praising his actions.

She said: ‘They’re looting the stores and this man out here is trying to literally protect the community.”


2026, 31 August 2017

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  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Great American.

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