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0814, 26 Aug 17

Japan Applies Pressure on North Korea

It looks like our allies are following America’s lead in applying pressure to North Korea’s enablers.

Tokyo (AFP) – Japan said Friday it will impose fresh sanctions on North Korea by freezing the assets of Chinese and Namibian firms doing business with the nuclear-armed state.

The move against a half dozen organisations and a couple of individuals comes days after Washington expanded its own punitive measures against Chinese and Russian firms, as well as people linked to Pyongyang.

The US move drew an angry response from Beijing, North Korea’s key ally, while Japanese media said Friday that Namibia has been tightening its links to the North in recent years.

“We will continue to make strong calls (for North Korea) to take actions toward denuclearisation,” Yoshihide Suga, the Japanese government’s top spokesman, told a regular press briefing.

“Now is the time to apply pressure,” he added.

The sanctions are aimed at disrupting the flow of cash funding North Korean weapons programmes, which are in violation of United Nations resolutions.


0814, 26 August 2017


  1. billphoto


    While the Main Stream Media was screaming Russia, Russia, Russia, President Trump quietly made the threat of trade restrictions and economic sanctions against China if they did not work with the rest of the world to deal with North Korea. Quickly, China announced it would cut off imports of North Korean coal, iron ore and other goods the beginning of September under U.N. sanctions imposed over the North’s nuclear and missile programs.  Almost as quickly, the little fat guy decided he really was not going to bomb Guam.

    The big difference here between President Trump and his predecessors is other nations know he will follow thru.  North Korea and its’ ‘Dear Leader’ is still a major threat to the planet and will continue to ‘rattle its’ sabers’ but North Korea’s major trading partners understand the United States is no longer the paper tiger of the past so there is hope.

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