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1948, 23 Aug 17

Man Legally Carries Weapon at the Zoo

Good for him.

“It was my girlfriend’s birthday, and she likes elephants. That’s why I was there,” Polster said. “We walked into the farm exhibit area, the one officer pulls up, stops me and says we can’t have the firearm in the park,” he said.

Polster recorded the interaction with Milwaukee County sheriff’s deputies. His video runs more than an hour as deputies checked on the law. Ultimately, they determined Polster was right.

The Milwaukee County Zoo told WISN 12 News it does not allow the open or concealed carry of any weapons in any Zoo building or during any posted special event. But state law exempts public grounds.

“You can carry on the grounds. You just can’t carry in the buildings,” Polster said.

It doesn’t look like he meant it as a big statement. He’s not one of those goofs walking around with an AR-15. He was just going about his business. It’s a shame that the deputies took so long to look up the law. Perhaps Sheriff Clarke should conduct a training session.


1948, 23 August 2017


  1. Jason

    >Perhaps Sheriff Clarke should conduct a training session.

    Is it a sign of the times that I’m just relieved that this poor innocent man was not arrested, beaten, and had his personal property stolen and ultimately destroyed by LEOs?

  2. billphoto

    Personally, I carry concealed all the time.  Occasionally someone will ask what I am carrying usually a precursor to a discussion about firearm preferences but otherwise no one knows.

    Yes, the Sheriff’s Deputies should know the law and were wrong BUT there are some good arguments for concealed carry and open carry.  Besides, not everyone is comfortable with open carry.  The goofs walking around with an AR-15 just reinforce that feeling.  Just because it is legal does not make it the best idea.

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