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2007, 22 Aug 17

Sully to Continue to Stand Watch

Good bull.

As confederate monuments are removed from college campuses across the nation — including three statues relocated from a main area of the University of Texas at Austin campus — two of the most powerful voices in Aggieland say the statue of former Campus President, Texas Governor and Confederate General Lawrence Sullivan Ross will remain in its prominent position on the A&M campus.

The statue, affectionately referred to as “Sully,” has stood in front of the Academic Building since its dedication in 1918, making it the oldest sculpture on campus.

University President Michael Young said Ross is memorialized specifically for the critical role he played in securing the future of both Texas A&M and Prairie View A&M.

“Lawrence Sullivan ‘Sul’ Ross is honored on our campus as a former president of the school,” Young said. “Without Sul Ross, neither Texas A&M University nor Prairie View A&M University would likely exist today. He saved our school and Prairie View through his consistent advocacy in the face of those who persistently wanted to close us down.”

University System Chancellor John Sharp said Ross’s contributions to the university solidify his importance as a campus monument.

“Anyone who knows the true history of Lawrence Sullivan Ross would never ask his statue to be removed,” Sharp said. “It will not be removed.”


2007, 22 August 2017

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  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    If the typical fascist left wing mob advances with its typical vandalism and violence, will be interesting if force is used to stop the left wing hate.

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