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1446, 20 Aug 17

Spanish Terror Cell Was Prepared for Bigger Attack

Scary stuff. This is a good reminder that trying to stop attacks like this by going after the weapons is a fool’s errand. In this case, they were using a vehicle and mundane gas containers. Stopping these attacks means finding and stopping the murderous people and ideologies behind them.

A 12-strong terror cell that carried out two attacks in Spain this week had collected 120 gas canisters and was planning to use them in vehicle attacks, Spanish police say.

Canisters were found at a house, said to be used by the cell, that blew up in the town of Alcanar on Wednesday night.

Police are still hunting for the driver of the van that hit dozens of people on Barcelona’s Las Ramblas, killing 13.

On Sunday, a Mass was held in Barcelona to mourn the victims.

In addition to the 13 killed on Thursday afternoon on Las Ramblas, a woman died in a second vehicle attack early on Friday in the town of Cambrils. Five suspected jihadists were shot dead by police in the second attack.


1446, 20 August 2017


  1. billphoto

    Luckily, they blew themselves up. ¬†Hopefully this will be the new ‘it’ thing for radical Islamist. ¬†‘Hey guys, watch what I can do.’

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    This is what happens when you import Muslim refugees and allow radical clerics to run free.


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