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1642, 03 Aug 17

Castille’s Imprisoned Pop Wants Settlement Money

In what kind of odd world do we live in where the unfortunate killing of a man becomes a cash windfall for his relatives?

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — The father of Philando Castile, a motorist fatally shot by a suburban Minneapolis police officer last summer, wants a portion of the $3 million settlement reached in his son’s death.

Phelix Frazier Sr. is serving a life term in federal prison on drug trafficking charges. The Star Tribune reported that Frazier has asked a judge to give him $500,000, disputing claims that he was absent from his son’s life.

Castile’s mother, Valerie Castile, has petitioned the court for $2 million, with the remaining amount going to attorneys. A Hennepin County judge was expected to review the petition during a Wednesday hearing and will approve how the funds are distributed.


1642, 03 August 2017


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