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2014, 02 Aug 17

Obamacare Premiums Continue Rise as Providers Exit

Despite the fact that the Republicans in the Senate failed to repeal Obamacare as they promised the American people, this is still a massive problem that is harming everyday Americans.

MacIver News Service | August 2, 2017

By Chris Rochester

Update: Molina Healthcare announced Wednesday it will withdraw from Obamacare exchanges in Wisconsin and Utah, citing a $230 million quarterly loss. The company had requested rate increases of 40+ percent for 2018 prior to the announcement. Read the company’s announcement here.

[Madison, Wis…] Obamacare premium increases will likely continue their rapid upward trajectory in 2018, according to new numbers from

Premiums for health insurance plans on Wisconsin’s Obamacare exchange could increase by 12 percent in 2018. Preliminary rate increase requests by Wisconsin insurance companies were posted Monday to the federal website

Of the 90 Obamacare-compliant health insurance plans that reported rate changes to, the average increase was 12 percent. Rate changes range from a modest 6.15 percent decrease to a staggering 46.25 percent increase.


2014, 02 August 2017


  1. Pat

    I’m sure that the Republican controlled government will have this problem solved shortly.

  2. billphoto

    The Republicans Democrats got us into this mess, with all their proposals over the last eight years, I am sure they will get us out.

  3. Pat

    The Democrats, thank God, aren’t in charge. The Republicans, thank God are. And with the outstanding leadership team at the helm of both houses, and in the Executive mansion, the promised, really fantastic, beautiful, great, affordable, low premium, low deductible, healthcare, for the American people will finally happen. I know, after seven years of planning by the Republican Party, and with a strong President who knows how to get things done, America will finally get out from the disastrous, failing grip of Obama care. America will be great again!

  4. Le Roi du Nord


    And don’t forget, the big orange thinks we should get health care for $12/month.  I’m eagerly waiting for that one…..

    Keep up the good work.

  5. Pat

    Nord, I only want this healthcare fiasco fixed.

  6. Paul

    Even Pat disavows known white nationalist troll Le Troll du Bore.

  7. Le Roi du Nord


    I agree.

  8. Paul

    Nobody cares what you think, white nationalist troll.

  9. billphoto

    Surprisingly, the Republican failure to repeal ObamaCare has not been linked to Russia, yet.  While the battle continues, the origins of ObamaCare are missing from the conversation.

    Democrats passed a bill with no idea what was in it. Remember “we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.”  Prior to March 10, 2013, the United States had a functioning health care system but it was in need of some fixes like addressing insurance portability and pre-existing conditions.

    So, while some posters like myself skewer the spineless Republican politicians for their failures, one must not forget the owner’s of this mess, the Democrats.  They sure fixed our healthcare system but not in a good way for those of us forced into ObamaCare.  Since inception, I can find no record of Democrats trying to fix their creation.

    It would appear their real goal was ObamaCare was designed to fail only to be rescued by single payer healthcare.  In Canada, the wait is 9.5 weeks to see a specialists.  In England, patients die at much higher rates than in the United States.  No doubt, Charlie Gard might have something to say about this.

  10. Le Roi du Nord


    Explain how the D’s could have fixed anything the ACA when the House voted 50+ times to eliminate it.  Are you off your ACA provided meds??

    Unless you provide some context, “In England, patients die at much higher rates than in the United States.” is meaningless.  Death rate is 100% regardless of where you are.  Unless you have discovered the fountain of youth.  De Soto couldn’t, I doubt you could.

  11. Pat

    We all know the origins of the ACA. We all know that the Republicans are the party of common sense ideas. We all know that they promised us that if they were to have majorities, plus the Presidency, health care was going to be cheaper and better.

  12. billphoto

    As I sit in my wife’s hospital room while she fights for her life, I fight with the insurance.  The most common lament, “In order to hold premiums down (and to comply with ObamaCare requirements), we are not going to pay …  Insurance the Democrats “fixed.”

    No doubt, one troll will spout, “touched a nerve?”  Yes.  How about you come visit me at St. Luke’s leukemia ward and see the results of your great accomplishment.  Until you take ownership of what you did and want to work to fix it instead of deflect blame, you are just people in need of mental health care.  Is that covered?

  13. Pat

    Sorry to hear of your wife’s situation. I’ve walked that road too, and lost. I too had to fight insurance, and that was before the ACA.

  14. Pat

    What specifically will the insurance company not pay for because of Obamacare!

  15. Jason

    Not specific to Bill’s tragedy….  my insurance deductible has gone up 3 fold since the passing of ACA, and my insurance company attributed it directly to ACA rules and taxes and fees.  And I’m in a low deductible plan.  If I were in one of the high deductible plans where members hope to never use the insurance they are paying for, then my deductible would have gone up 6 fold!

    That is 100% on the Democrats, and like Bill said, not a single Democrat has owned it or tried to fix it, to my knowledge.  They own the financial burden placed on me and my “middle class” family.


    And to head of the obnoxious Troll from the North, I’m even more disappointed in the current ruling party for their lack of a fix.

  16. Le Roi du Nord


    We agree.

  17. Pat

    Jason I agree. I was sincerely hoping that the Republicans would shine with healthcare. I don’t like the high premiums and deductibles. I agree that the ACA was enacted by the Democrats. I knew from the start there would be problems with it, and figured the flaws would quickly be identified and changes made to improve it. Instead it was turned into an item to campaign on. That worked. Democrats are no longer in charge and it’s time the Republicans step up to the plate and show us the results they’ve promised for the last 8 years.

  18. dad29

    it’s time the Republicans step up to the plate and show us the results they’ve promised for the last 8 years.

    That would require real manhood in that Party’s congressional delegation.  You know–people who make the tough decisions and own them, regardless of the re-election politics.

    Don’t bother to ask for that.

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