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0852, 29 Jul 17

FDA Pulls Back E-Cig Regs


[Madison, Wis…] After months of public pressure, the federal government is putting the brakes on a costly new set of regulations that vaping industry advocates say would decimate their budding industry and run countless businesses into the ground.

Scott Gottlieb, commissioner of the federal Food and Drug Administration, announced Friday the agency will extend by four years a key deadline in the battle between the FDA and the vaping industry. That gives operators of e-cig, or vaping, businesses breathing room in submitting costly new applications to the FDA to keep their products on the market. The new deadline will be Aug. 8, 2022.

The announcement came the day after the Village of Hartland sent a letter to the FDA demanding the agency begin proceedings to coordinate its regulations with local governments or face a lawsuit. “Coordination” by federal regulators is the process of – and requirement to – work with localities heavily impacted by new regulations.


0852, 29 July 2017


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