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1811, 05 Jul 17

Government Thugs Crack Down on Opposition

Looks like the dictatorship is cracking down on the last vestiges of representative government.

About 100 government supporters have burst into Venezuela’s opposition-controlled National Assembly, where they beat up several lawmakers.

Witnesses said the confrontation came after an assembly session to mark the country’s Independence Day.

Military police guarding the site stood by as intruders brandishing sticks and pipes broke through the gate, AFP said. The government vowed to investigate.


1811, 05 July 2017

1 Comment

  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Liberals in the act of political “persuasion”.

    Conservatives have been denouncing socialist thugs in this country for 15+ years.

    Liberals, not even a peep of condemnation about the liberal thugs of this country destroying everything….ever!

    Moral bankruptcy.


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