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1045, 13 May 17

Millennials and Wealth

Um… has Jetten actually met any millennials?

As research into income and wellbeing becomes increasingly nuanced, growing numbers of experts are also speculating that traditional symbols of wealth – such as owning a car or a house – are set to shift, as millennials in many countries become the first generation to earn relatively less than their parents and struggle to buy homes in tough property markets.

Though frustrating for millennials, “it may mean that this generation will show fewer of the negative effects of wealth such as selfishness, narcissism and a high sense of entitlement,” says Jetten.


1045, 13 May 2017

1 Comment

  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    This is “research”?

    Sounds like wild conjecture from someone that has been breathing second and first hand smoke in Denver too many times….

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