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2159, 30 Mar 17

Professor Reveals Depth of Hate and Ignorance

What a tool.

A Drexel University professor tweeted that he was “trying not to vomit or yell about Mosul” after he watched a first-class passenger give up his seat for a uniformed soldier on an airplane.

Many on Twitter responded to the professor’s comments with anger and outrage.

George Ciccariello, associate professor of politics and global studies, posted the tweet Sunday on his private Twitter account. CNN obtained his tweet from a retweet someone else posted publicly on the social media platform.

One critic said Ciccariello “is exactly what’s wrong with American institutions today. Fights for free speech unless it contradicts his views.”

Another criticized the professor’s past tweets and bemoaned the fact that Ciccariello is “deemed worthy of educating young minds.”


2159, 30 March 2017


  1. CaptainNed

    I’ll be in Chicago in June for work.  I personally pay the upcharge to first class because I don’t really fit well in an economy seat (which is all I should expense).  That said, I was born on an Air Force Base (McConnell, Wichita, KS) and Dad did 26 years between active and reserves.  I see a uniform; I’m trading seats.

  2. billphoto

    If it bothers him so much that someone could show respect for a uniformed soldier that defended our Country, a Country that has rights he enjoys like our First Amendment, maybe he should move to Mosul.  I understand they have some “different” solutions there for people that express opinions different from the accepted norm.

  3. Kevin Scheunemann

    Liberalism is an ideology of hate.

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