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2113, 25 Mar 17

Putin’s Enemies Dropping Like Flies

He learned from the best.

An outspoken critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin was shot dead in broad daylight in Kiev Thursday, just two days after a lawyer for the family of a slain Russian whistleblower was injured in a mysterious fall from his fourth-story apartment near Moscow.

Denis Voronenkov was a former Russian Communist Party member who’d become increasingly critical of Putin’s policies after fleeing to Ukraine in 2016. In light of his murder, which Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko called an “act of state terrorism by Russia,” the Washington Post’s Moscow Bureau Chief David Filipov compiled a list of nine other Putin critics “who died violently or in suspicious ways.”

As it has after similar incidents, the Kremlin swiftly rejected any suggestion it was involved in Voronenkov’s murder. Still, Filipov argued, the people on his list had more in common than simply disapproving of the president.


2113, 25 March 2017


  1. dad29

    “…learned from the best…”

    Who? Bill and Hill??

  2. Owen

    I was thinking more about his time in the KGB, but potato potato.

  3. steveegg

    I was thinking more along the lines of generations of Soviet Russians (and one Georgian who made a “serviceable” Russian).  After all, if the Clintons were the best at eliminating their competition, she would have been President.

  4. dad29

    Competition?  Not an element here.  Bill/Hill did not eliminate competitors.  They eliminated people who KNEW something.

  5. Kevin Scheunemann

    You can never get the socialist out of the former socialist.

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