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2141, 04 Mar 17

Sensenbrenner Continues Town Halls

Hats off to my congressman for his energetic and persistent efforts to engage his constituents. Despite being in office for almost 40 years, he never takes his constituents, or the next election, for granted.

Many Republican members of Congress have avoided town hall meetings since Trump’s election but Sensenbrenner has a history of holding town halls — he said he has averaged about 100 every year since taking office.

“Just because there are controversial issues that come up is no reason for me to discontinue that,” he said. “I think people should be able to come and have a two-way conversation with their elected officials,.

“People who disagree with me, I think, are entitled to have an explanation of why I take the position I do.”

On a related note, attending a Sensenbrenner town hall is worth your time. He has an amazing memory and deep understanding of issues.


2141, 04 March 2017


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