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2151, 25 Feb 17

Celebrating Art

I don’t usually look forward to watching the Oscars, but usually find myself watching some or all of it every year. Yes, there will always be the occasional annoying snide political comments, but whatever. This year, I won’t be watching for sure. They are bragging about the fact that they intend to turn it into an anti-Trump rally. No, thanks.

What is most annoying about that is that the Oscars are supposed to be a celebration and recognition of art, and yet these “artists” can’t even let their own art be the focus. Instead, they seem intent to make their politics overshadow their art.

I contrast that to my experience last night. My family and I attended the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra’s performance of Holst’s “The Planets.” It was absolutely magnificent. Before the performance, we attended the lecture in the atrium where they walked through the movements and talked about their creation, makeup, and influence on other pieces. After the performance, we went back to the atrium where the conductor, Edo de Waart, discussed the performance, the MSO, and other topics. He also took questions from the audience. It was engaging and intensely interesting.

Throughout the entire evening, nary a word was whispered about politics. Instead, we could all find common ground by enjoying art together. Perhaps the pretentious “artists” in Hollywood could come to Milwaukee and learn a thing or two from the MSO.

BTW, the final performance of “The Planets” is tomorrow at 2:30 PM. I highly recommend it.


2151, 25 February 2017


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