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0812, 12 Feb 17

Democrats Warming to Gorsuch?

I doubt it, but here’s why they might.

Like the late Justice Antonin Scalia, whose seat he will take if confirmed, Gorsuch has often ruled in favor of criminal defendants over the government – rulings not uncommon for strict “textualists” and their razor-close readings of the statutory texts.

And unlike many other federal judges, Gorsuch has been a fierce critic of the so-called Chevron doctrine, which holds that judges should generally defer to the executive branch and its agencies when they have any reasonable interpretation of federal statutes.

“That basically gives people comfort that didn’t have comfort,” said Sen. Joe Manchin, the conservative Democrat from West Virginia after meeting Gorsuch. “That has helped him” in his quest for confirmation, he said.


0812, 12 February 2017


  1. CaptainNed

    Chevron is where it’s at.  Garland would have sucked up to Chevron and was thus appropriately refused any chance at confirmation.

    Which, of course, is why the Dems are so pissed.  The only ACOTUS they want is one that validates their unconstitutional actions.

  2. CaptainNed

    Ugh.  SCOTUS.

  3. penquin

    Dems I know aren’t upset with Gorsuch as much as they are still bitter about how the GOP “stole” the seat from them.

    Personally, I say leave the court at 8 judges. Among other reasons, am sure we’re saving taxpayer money that way

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