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2251, 25 Jan 17

Learning to Adult

Good idea!

Welcome to the Adulting School, which holds a series of in-person workshops dedicated to “teaching skills for personal and financial success.” It’s hoping to fill-in the life-skills gap for recent university graduates, says co-director Rachel Weinstein. Online courses will begin next month. The school, based in Portland, Maine in the US, opened in July 2016. Its motto: “Come here instead of calling your parents.”

Weinstein, a psychotherapist turned workshop facilitator, partnered with Katie Brunelle, a former teacher, and Rachel Flehinger, an improvisational comedian, to launch the programme. The trio aim to gather the kind of knowledge that many young people don’t realise they need to know until they are on their own (and, even some uncertain thirtysomethings attend the workshops), Weinstein says.

Topics run the gamut. Simple life hacks such managing to save on a starting salary to figuring out how to better track your time are lessons that need to be learned by those who are new to so-called “adulting”. But the courses also cover more complex topics such as dealing with a family member’s death and navigating tricky relationships. About 200 people have attended Adulting School programmes so far. Happy hour workshops are currently free, while some events cost $30 per student.


2251, 25 January 2017


  1. penquin

    Public schools used to have classes like this, until folks started complaining about those namsie-pansie liberals wasting taxpayer dollars teaching kids things other than than just readin’, ritin’ and ‘rithmetic…

  2. penquin

    PS – didn’t mean to come across like I’m yucking on Owen’s yum. I agree that this is a great idea, and can’t help but wonder if they are interested in selling the course material and/or franchising the idea.

  3. Kevin Scheunemann

    …but teacher, there will be no “safe spaces” or “trigger warnings”?


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