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0824, 19 Jan 17

Vos Accepts Reality of Gas Tax Increase

Good. He’s seeing the light.

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos on Wednesday said it’s unlikely that lawmakers will increase the state’s gas tax to help erase a projected $1 billion deficit in funding road projects.

Vos, R-Rochester, and Gov. Scott Walker have been at odds over how to pay for roads, including raising the state’s gas tax.

But at a forum Wednesday, when asked by an audience member if he would raise her gas tax so she could help pay for road fixes, Vos said, “Probably not.” That was a signal that Assembly Republicans would stop calling for Walker to consider the idea.

“If you are a card player, I have a pair of twos, the governor has a straight and I have to draw three of a kind to win. Now it’s not impossible, but I wouldn’t bet on me,” he told an audience at a luncheon hosted by


0824, 19 January 2017


  1. Le Roi du Nord

    If Vos was serious he could get the gas tax increase passed, and try to over-ride the veto by Walker.  All indications are that this has all been a cat and mouse game with a predetermined outcome.

  2. Kevin Scheunemann


    Walker veto override?

    Are you serious?

    That is like betting on Cleveland Browns to win the Super Bowl in a little over 2 weeks.


  3. Le Roi du Nord

    I guess we won’t know until they try it and fail.  But if Vos doesn’t have the stones to try, that tells us a lot about how serious he really is.

    Poor analogy.  Vos is still in play.  Browns are out of the play-offs.

  4. Kevin Scheunemann

    Vos likes to think he is in play on this, but he was out of playoffs on gas tax increase before the election…much like the Browns.


  5. Le Roi du Nord

    Hmmm.  Unless the rules changed in the last few hours Vos is still the R leader in the assembly, and is the guy holding the purse strings for state government.  But if you know better or have a recent update on legislative leadership,  please share your knowledge will the rest of us.  Thanks.

  6. Kevin Scheunemann


    He is not the leader on transportation discussion…his gas tax idea is DOA.

    Stop trying to revive a rottting corpse.



  7. Le Roi du Nord

    You don’t read the news at all, do you?  Vos has been talking about this for weeks in all the state media, even today.  You are hiding behind ignorance.

    So have the last word on this as is your pathological requirement.  Trying to keep you abreast of current events is a waste of my time…

  8. insagtman

    Prior to the news this week that there will be almost $2 billion dollars more revenue coming into state coffers the next biennium, Vos was only going to be able to sell a gas tax increase with democrat votes in the Assembly. Now he may be able to trade serious tax cuts for a gas tax increase and get the road money he so dearly wants. It will still be a close vote in the assembly, as there are more tax cutters sitting in the repub caucus than those that wish to raise taxes. WI is still in the top 15 in taxes, and a gas tax increase will not help that rating.

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