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1534, 03 Jan 17

Vos Tells Conservatives to Get More Support

Vos has this exactly backward.

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos said supporters of controversial proposals like allowing concealed carry on college campuses need to build broad public support for such measures before drafting legislation.

“I think it’s incumbent upon the legislators who have an idea to spread across the state, find people to support it, get groundswells of support to bring an idea here not just convince a bunch of people in our caucus to pass a bill without making sure the public is where we are,” said Vos on Tuesday. “So that’s what I’m going to try to a better job of this session.”

We implement government for ourselves in order to preserve our rights. It is our right to keep and bear arms. Period. Anywhere. Anytime. That right, like all rights, can and should be curtailed when there is a vital public interest to do so, but it is incumbent on the people who want to restrict our rights to make the argument to do so.

The fact is that our right to keep and bear arms on campus has been unjustifiably restricted for far too long. Passing campus carry is about returning government to its intended, restricted, state.


1534, 03 January 2017


  1. Le Roi du Nord

    Why wouldn’t you want folks all over the state to be in support of a bill rather than have one passed without much public by-in?

    I’m sure if Barca had said the exact words you would have had the opposite opinion.

  2. jjf

    But a camera in the gallery? Let’s restrict that.

  3. billphoto

    I technically commit 2 felonies a day by driving past a school that is near the road.  There is no good reason Wisconsin law needs to be different from federal law.

    When my son was young, he attended a class to learn how to swim so if he was ever in the water, he would not drown.  It probably would make liberals heads explode but why not a similar class on firearms?  I taught him how to teardown, clean and repair firearms, took him hunting and fishing educating him.  Today we still hunt and fish together but he is opposed to campus carry.  I can respect that because his is an educated decision.

  4. Le Roi du Nord


    FYI:  Hunter safety is taught by our ag teachers in our school district, as is trapper ed.  When my son turned 12 he and my wife took the hunter safety class together at the HS. Yes, those weapons were in a school, but in a controlled situation without live ammo.

  5. insagtman

    Unfortunately, based on the comments of Vos, it will take a Columbine type massacre before we will allow citizens their second amendment rights while on campus. After an event of that magnitude, then the public will agree that we have a problem. This is why we are a representative republic and not a democracy, as we elect representatives that are supposed to make these decisions without a massacre needing to occur.

  6. billphoto

    I note some fail at comprehending the written word, instead choosing to parse words so I will try again.

    Point 1: The federal Gun Free Zone Act does not allow possession of a firearm on school grounds except for those licensed by the state or if it is unloaded and locked up.  The act of driving past with the school within the 1000 yards restrictions technically violates the law.

    Point 2: There is a lack of education opportunities for firearm owners beyond the basics.

    Point 3: Change Wisconsin law to mirror the federal law.

    I agree with Owen but would go one step more.  Staff, WITH THE PROPER TRAINING FOR THE SITUATIONS POSSIBLE IN A SCHOOL SETTING, should be allowed to carry inside school buildings and all school age children should receive a basic education on firearms and firearm safety.

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