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1122, 01 Jan 17

Good Folks Step in to Help Woman

What a great story for Christmas from the Washington County Insider. We are surrounded by great people!

Donna Bader’s saga started around 4:30 p.m. on Christmas Eve Day when she went to the Kwik Trip on Silverbrook Drive. Bader accidentally left her keys on the counter at the checkout and when she returned moments later they were gone.

Police reviewed store video and it appears a woman along with a taller man may have taken the keys by mistake and put them in a purse.

The couple did not get gas so it’s difficult to see their license plate and they paid for their purchase in cash.

Bader reached out with her story and need for assistance and  the incident was posted on WashingtonCountyInsider and then shared thousands of times throughout the day on Facebook.

However – still no luck in getting the keys.

After spending more than four hours at Kwik Trip, Bader had her vehicle towed. After that the expenses to replace the keys and get everything squared away began to mount.

Today, Scaffidi and the crew at Heiser stepped in to try and make things right.  “I would like to eliminate your stress so here’s a check to cover all the repairs to your vehicle, Kwik Trip also wanted to give you a gift certificate and this gift is from me and my family,” said Scaffidi.

Bader put her hand to her mouth, beside herself with emotion.

“Thank you,” said Bader in tears. “West Bend is such a great community.”


1122, 01 January 2017

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  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Going to Heiser to get my car repaired the next time.

    Good Job!


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