SEIU Plans to Cut Budget


The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) is planning to cut 30 percent of its budget by Jan. 1, 2018, the end of President-elect Donald Trump‘s first year in office.

“Because the far right will control all three branches of the federal government, we will face serious threats to the ability of working people to join together in unions,” President Mary Kay Henry wrote in an internal memo obtained by Bloomberg Businessweek.

The SEIU will begin with a 10 percent budget cut immediately at the start of 2017. The union’s current annual budget is $300 million.

If it wasn’t clear that the SEIU is a radical liberal activist organization, their comments here should make it clear. This is not your parents’ union simply working for better working conditions for its members. This is an organization bent on societal change toward socialism.

It is also worth noting that many of the employees of government who will be charged with enacting Trump’s policies are active members in the SEIU. It will be difficult for him to enact change because many of these people will undermine him every step of the way.

It’s a good thing that they are being weakened. We should follow FDR’s advice and forbid government employees from unionizing altogether.