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1111, 21 Dec 16

Walker Advocates for Federalism

Yes. This. More of this.



1111, 21 December 2016


  1. Le Roi du Nord

    Unfortunately the current administration doesn’t feel the same way regarding local control of local issues by towns, villages, cities and school boards.  On a state-wide scale the party of small government is anything but……

  2. Kevin Scheunemann


    Walker is not perfect on local control, but he is sure way better than Doyle.

    Doyle wanted to dictate nearly everything to local governments!

  3. Le Roi du Nord

    Sorry Kevin, but again history eludes you.  There have been over 120 (and still counting) regulation passed since walker took office that took a local decision and placed it under the dome.  Those things run from local finances, zoning, residency, etc.  Doyle did nothing even close to what you claim.

  4. Kevin Scheunemann

    Doyle had hundreds of pieces of regulatory nonsense filter through the DNR alone during hisadministration!

    That means Walker is at an infinitely small fraction to Doyle on this issue.

    Many of Walker’s alleged “120” stems from incompetent liberalism in Milwaukee that needs accountability brought to light.

  5. Le Roi du Nord


    That is your claim, unsupported by any form of proof, and decidedly off topic.

    Your last paragraph is, as always, nonsense.

  6. Kevin Scheunemann


    I guess denial is easy for you when you did not have to deal firsthand with the multiple Doyle regulatory attacks day in and day out.

  7. Le Roi du Nord


    I’m not denying anything, your claim is just more made up stuff.  You resort to that as your default when you get called on a false claim.  Learn some new tricks.

  8. Kevin Scheunemann

    Oh Nord,

    Where do you want to start?

    I love to start with my Doyle led sales tax audit in 2003 for my business where we were following WRITTEN advice of WI DOR. Get audited. Auditor says sales tax needed to be charged on an item DOR ruled non-taxable in Written advice. I give her written advice to correct auditor’s error. After a 2week closed door pow-wow (where I was shut out from being there with my legal representation) with her boss, auditor cones back and says it was DOR advice in “error”. Hands me a retro-active 4 year bill amounting to 24k for tax I should have charged! After some choice words about her agency’s incompetence, Then exclaims, ” The DOR cannot be responsible for erroneous written, or oral advice it renders!”

    2.5 years and 10k in legal and accounting fees later I was vindicated with a 4k refund from the audit.

    Doyle wasted my time and money on his error.

    Later, I testified for a bill at State Senate committe making DOR resposible for its erroneous written advice. After DOR gave an hour presentation, “we do no wrong”….I got up there for 30 minutes, told the story of my ridiculous audit treatment, and ‘stole the show’ according to many legislators in the room. The DOR and many Democrats slithered out of the room by the time I was done.

    Doyle then went on to veto that bill, despite the moral disgust from my audit, and the fact no DOR official was willing to face me at the hearing.

    Cowards….the whole lot of them! Doyle being the chief coward.

    Democrat Sen Lassa was the only Democrat on the committee with the courage to listen and stick around for my testimony. All the Republicans were there. Other Democrat Senators ran and hid. So I take her out of the “coward” category on this one.

    Shall I go on about the evils of Doyle? I got plenty of material.

    DNR evils, hurting the poor, would be next up.

    You should not poke the bear, you should know by now….I can always back it up.

  9. Le Roi du Nord

    So you really have nothing to back up your claim.  Getting audited is not having the state government take over control of local decisions.  Your perceived personal pain is really off topic.

  10. Kevin Scheunemann

    Oh Nord,

    It was a local decision.  I decided to follow the written advice of the DOR.

    I was told, after the fact, that was wrong, by the same state agency.

    It is government exercising control of local issues to the insane, typical liberal, dictatorial stage.

    Just using it as an example on how badly Jim Doyle was punishing his slaves under his rule.

    You are just hacked you do not have anything quite so scandalous, in specifics, to pin on Walker.

    Told you not to poke the bear.

    Do you want to talk about Doyle’s DNR punishing the poor next?

  11. Le Roi du Nord

    DOR is a state agency if you haven’t noticed.   What it isn’t is a local agency like your town board.  You have to catch up here, buddy.

    DNR didn’t start punishing the poor until MisStepps agency allowed over 30% of private wells in Kewaunee County to be polluted by manure.

  12. Kevin Scheunemann


    So the solution is to punish the poor with regulation that has no effect on water quality but is incredibly expensive?

    That is disgusting. Glad you conceded the point on Doyle.

  13. Le Roi du Nord

    You aren’t making any sense.  DOR is a state agency, not a local one.

    I conceded nothing.  Doyle isn’t in office anymore, or hadn’t you noticed.

    No have the last word, as your pathology requires.

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