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2141, 20 Dec 16

Obama Jabs One More Knife in America’s Economy Before Leaving

Gee, thanks, Obama. Way to confirm America’s reasons for rejecting Clinton.

Outgoing US President Barack Obama has permanently banned offshore oil and gas drilling in the “vast majority” of US-owned northern waters.

Mr Obama designated areas in the Arctic and Atlantic oceans as “indefinitely off limits” to future leasing.

The move is widely seen as an attempt to protect the region before Mr Obama leaves office in January.


Reacting to the Arctic declaration, Friends of the Earth said: “No president has ever rescinded a previous president’s permanent withdrawal of offshore areas from oil and gas development.

“If Donald Trump tries to reverse President Obama’s withdrawals, he will find himself in court.”

However, the American Petroleum Institute said “there is no such thing as a permanent ban,” and that it hoped Mr Trump’s administration would simply reverse the decision.

I’d have to side with the API here. This is the law that the president cites in this action:

1341. Reservation of lands and rights

(a) Withdrawal of unleased lands by President: The President of the United States may, from time to time, withdraw from disposition any of the unleased lands of the outer Continental Shelf.

Do you see anything in there that allows one president to prohibit all future presidents for all time from reversing Obama’s decision?

Me neither.

Of course the Lefties will sue when President Trump reverses Obama’s decision. As we have learned in Wisconsin, that is what the Left does now. They will sue over every law or decision they don’t like. I suspect that Obama knows that he will be reversed too, but this allows him to feed some red meat to his supporters while he still can.


2141, 20 December 2016

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  1. billphoto

    Americans voted against Obama and what he has done to us the last 8 years.  Why can’t he see this is wrong?

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