Guilty Justice


WAUKESHA — “Guilty,” T.J. Justice said to Waukesha County Judge Lloyd Carter on Thursday.

The former West Bend city administrator pled guilty to a count of soliciting a child for prostitution, a Class D felony.

The charge of child enticement- prostitution was dismissed, but will be read in during sentencing. It would have been a second Class D felony against Justice.

The District Attorney’s Office will recommend a prison sentence, but a specific length of time was not stated. As part of the plea deal, Defense Attorney Steven Kohn will be free to argue the sentence length.

“We would ask for a sentencing date at least 60 days out,” Kohn said.

Justice is a convicted felon and faces up to 25 years in prison and a fine of $100,000.

Justice is scheduled to discover how long he is to remain in prison March 2, nearly 11 months after his arrest in Muskego.